Hasil Hurst

From Dark City

Hasil Hurst
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BirthdateJune 21, 2001
Height6 ft
ConceptBackwoods Conjure Man
Played ByTon Heukels
Player Namedeathscapades
SphereMortal+ (Special)
StatusActive PC


Hasil is an All-American boy at first glance though there's something haunted in eyes that some might call 'haint blue'. Were they always that colour? Some would swear they were cornflower blue before he disappeared. He’s tall and painfully thin in recent days, pale despite the unforgiving Appalachian summer, his straw blond hair often tangled and a little wild.

Fame 1: Missing Person


These Roots Run Deep

Born on the Summer Solstice on in the shadow of the Broken Ridge mountains, Hasil’s family have been in Jericho for about as long as anybody can remember though always on the outskirts, never too close to any other folk. His daddy, Ira, was a conjure man, a practitioner of the old ways. Hasil was set to follow in his footsteps, but somewhere along the way, he got lost.

On his 21st birthday, Hasil disappeared along with two friends, Jolene Cleary and Stevie Wiles. A year to the day later and he’s finally back in town, alone.

RP Hooks

Barefoot Wandering

As a boy, Hasil could often be found in the woods and was at his happiest outdoors. Perhaps you're friends from those days, or maybe you'll run into each other out there sometime soon?

Pray The Devil Down

Hasil was regular in church before his disappearance, usually alongside his father. If you didn't run in the same circles, maybe you prayed in them?

Corn and Quarters

The Hursts were never a wealthy family, and Ira never took payment for his conjure work. Not money, at least. Now back in town, Hasil’s on his ass and while he’s not looking for handouts, he sure does need to find a way to make some kind of a living for himself. It seems there's no power up at the cabin on the edge of town, and Hasil's looking for a job. Need an extra pair of hands for something in exchange for a bit of cash?

Backwoods Remedies

Since Ira’s death a little after Hasil’s disappearance, it seems he’s the most experienced conjure man in town. Need some candle magic working, or a hex lifting? Hasil’s your man...

Good Boy Gone Bad?

Hasil kept his head down in high school, went to church like a good boy, and never got in any trouble beyond being caught smoking behind the bike sheds and one embarrassing episode of underage drinking. After school, he never seemed to draw attention either way, just worked a couple of dead-end jobs and got on with life. Since he's been back, he's always a mess, frequently either looking for Henley or hanging out with him, and Deputy Angel Cleary seems to have more than half an eye on him. What's up with that?





Title Date Location Cast Summary
Session 0: Hasil Hurst 2023-06-24 Hasil's Cabin Hasil Hurst Hasil gets a visitor.
Ritual Reunion 2023-06-25 Hutchin's Pond Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan Hasil and Lucy run into each other out by the pond
High Noon at Abbot's Point 2023-06-25 Abbot's Point Hasil Hurst, Henley Hasil and Henley startle each other deep in the woods.
A Story Untold: Part 1 2023-06-01 Clem Barton, Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan, Henley A sister fetches her twin.
The Elephant 2023-06-26 Piggly Wiggly Angel Cleary, Hasil Hurst Angel and Hasil meet, and try hard to ignore the elephant in the room...
You Don't Keep These Hours None, They Keeps You 2023-06-29 Waffle House Hasil Hurst, Jamie Murphy Jamie and Hasil have a surreal conversation in the dead of night.
Haint nuthin 2023-07-01 Hurst Cabin Hasil Hurst, Henley Henley brings Hasil up to speed on current events, and they begin to plan for the future.
Sleepy in the sleepy bar 2023-06-30 The Schooner Bar & Grill Hasil Hurst, Rusty Murphy, Angel Cleary, Jamie Murphy A young man seeks a new opportunity, and the tired adults try their best to encourage him.
A Row Of Crows 2023-07-02 Hurst Cabin Hasil Hurst Hasil is visited by an old friend.
A Grave Affair 2023-07-03 Bethlem Memorial Cemetery Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan, Henley Lucy and Henley meet Hasil at the cemetery for a fruitless hunt
A House Call 2023-07-06 Hasil's Cabin Angel Cleary, Hasil Hurst The Deputy calls in to check on Hasil
Dinner and Discord 2023-07-07 The Schooner Bar & Grill Angel Cleary, Lucy Jordan, Hasil Hurst, Travis Martinez Lucy tries to enjoy a quiet meal at the Schooner while Travis and Angel try to make each other squirm, and Hasil makes things awkward
Hurst Huddle 2023-07-08 Hurst Cabin Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan, Henley Henley gathers Hasil and Lucy to catch everyone up and talk strategy.
A Story Untold: Hasil, Part 1 2023-06-25 Hurst Cabin Hasil Hurst, The Vrăjitoare Hasil Experiences Night Terrors
Of Owls and Opportunities 2023-07-09 Wachter Hardware Hasil Hurst, Henley Hasil and Henley go to the Wachters to entangle themselves together enough to shake out some information down the line.
Ghost Boy Piggly Wiggly, Hasil's Cabin Hasil Hurst, Travis Martinez Travis smooths things over with Hasil and they bond over groceries and gas
Eggos and Espionage 2023-07-11 Waffle House, Clem's House Clem Barton, Hasil Hurst Hasil meets Clem after work and they bond over eggos and loss
Comfort in Discomfort 2023-07-11 June's Country Kitchen Hasil Hurst, Terri June, Henley Henley makes Hasil walk all over Jericho. He thinks this is a favor to Hasil.
Let's Get Physical 2023-07-12 Jericho Emergency Medical Hasil Hurst, Jamie Murphy Hasil drops in to see Jamie for a Physical, with just a hint of the metaphysical too
Dog Days 2023-07-13 Angel's House Angel Cleary, Hasil Hurst Angel and Hasil get a little closer, thanks to the new puppy
A Way to Sleep 2023-07-13 Hurst Cabin Hasil Hurst, Jamie Murphy Jamie stops in to check on Hasil, and he helps her with a problem.
Riverside Reflections 2023-07-10 Hutchin's Pond Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan Lucy and Hasil catch up at the Pond
Revelations At The Hurst Cabin: Hasil and Ralph 2023-07-18 Hurst Cabin Hasil Hurst, Ralph Wachter Hasil and Ralph discuss George Wachter's death.
Dark Legacies 2023-07-17 Hasil Hurst, Henley Henley rolls up on Hasil, who has learned troubling things about his family. Unfortunately for Hasil, Henley has even more bad news.
Clashing Convictions 2023-07-21 Hurst Cabin Hasil Hurst, Henley Henley and Hurst catch up and square up.
The Vrăjitoare 2023-07-23 Arcadia Clem Barton, Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan, Lyle Henley, Jason Jordan, The Vrăjitoare, Henley The Lost are reminded of the bargain made.
The Vrăjitoare: Hasil's Durance, summarized 2023-07-23 Arcadia Hasil Hurst Hasil finds his way in Arcadia.
House Calls and Horrors 2023-07-24 Hurst Cabin Hasil Hurst, Jamie Murphy Jamie gets a shock when she drops in to see Hasil
Bitter Reunion 2023-07-26 Hurst Cabin Hasil Hurst, Henley Henley and Hasil exchange pleasantries!
Guardian Angel 2023-07-29 Hurst Cabin Angel Cleary, Hasil Hurst Angel turns agony aunt and gets involved in Hasil's complicated love life
Into the Hedge 2023-07-30 The Hedge Hasil Hurst, Ingril, Asaph, Henley Asaph guised Henley and Hasil into the Hedge, where they meet new allies, new dangers, and reconcile.
Dead Man's Curve 2023-09-01 Dead Man's Curve Clem Barton, Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan, Ralph Wachter, Helen Wachter, Henley Henley and Ralph have a low-stakes race for fun, with the Motley all playing a role. All goes as could be expected.
Motley Crew 2023-09-24 Charlie's Hollow Clem Barton, Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan, Henley Clem and Henley catch the others up and plan their next move.
Doing the Impossible 2023-10-01 Hurst Cabin Clem Barton, Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan, Ralph Wachter, The Vrăjitoare, Bristol, Josie, Henley It was an impossible dream.