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Haruka walks with the confidence of someone who has found true joy in Damnation. She does not need to preach her gospel from the pulpit - though the smoldering, ever-present zeal in her dark eyes reminds you that she could. Her smile is even more dangerous: full of the promise of revelations that would make your heart stop, if it was beating in the first place. If you want to hear her story, and all the lessons she's learned, you'll have to get in the passenger seat. If you want to find God, it'll be at 100 MPH.

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RP Hooks
Dashboard Confessional: Like many of Church of Longinus's ministers in New York City, Haruka has taken to an unorthodox method of spreading the word. Rather than preaching from the pulpit, or proselytizing to the masses, she offers her services as a chauffeur and courier for Kindred. The service is free for members of the Church, but those outside it - barring important city officials, of course - generally need to pay. If you want her to, she'll shut up and drive. But if you're curious about Longinus, she'll tell you about him. If you have doubts, she'll listen to them. There are rumors of strange miracles happening, when you're in the car with her. She spreads the Truth from the driver's seat.

Tokyo Connection: Haruka grew up in Tokyo, and was deeply involved with the Yakuza even during her mortal days. Although not nearly as influential here in the City, she does maintain some contacts and relationships with the local syndicates. She's not above doing petty favors for criminals, as long as there's something offered in return. She can also be found, frequently, in illicit gambling dens and seedy bars, currying favor with underworld figures.

Protecting the Flock: Haru takes a particular interest in the defense of the Domain; to her, the safety of the Church relies on the safety of the city. As a Deputy, she's always looking for new leads, and she knows that she can't do it all herself. If you need a Deputy who's willing to get her hands dirty for the sake of an investigation, look no further than Haru.

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Haruka Kitagawa
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Age (Apparent): 25

Height: 5ft.6in.
Profession: Getaway Driver
Public Effects:

  • City Status: Dot-filled.png Dot-filled.png (Deputy)
  • Lancea et Sanctum Status: Dot-filled.png
  • Civil Society(Crime): Dot-filled.png
  • Anointed
  • Language (Japanese)
  • Language (Mandarin)

Covenant: Lancea et Sanctum
Coterie: None yet.

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Played By: User:Neon