Hannah Carpenter

From Dark City

Hannah Carpenter
Hannah Carpenter.jpg
BirthdateFebruary 22, 1998
ConceptHometown Revenge
Played ByNatalia Dyer
StatusActive NPC


Don't let her age fool you. Hannah is the only child of Gerald and Lindsey Carpenter, the founders of the local Hunter cell, and the heir of their efforts.

When Gerald and Lindsey both died two years past in an operation that went south, the small Jericho-based organization wasted absolutely no time in anointing their driven and determined daughter as their new leader. It wasn't a post that she wanted at all but few can say she doesn't zest the role.

RP Hooks

  • Leader - She didn't ask for this and she didn't want it, but damn, she's good at it. Hannah gives it to her comrades straight and is viciously protective of her team and her town. She's not going to let what happened to her parents happen to anyone else.
  • Waitress - Hey, you gotta pay the bills somehow. As a waitress at The Schooner Bar & Grill, Hannah's able to stay dialed in to the gossip around town. Not to mention, no one's going to suspect a waitress...
  • Chess Prodigy - Hannah brought some little acclaim to the tiny town of Jericho when she was in grade school as a precocious child prodigy in chess. Maybe that's what makes her such a great tactical leader. Either way, don't be surprised if you catch her mid-game, or if she invites you to sit down to one. It might be friendly. It might be a trap.
  • The Coyote Den - A Hunters-Only safe house she inherited from her father.