Hamish McGregor

From Dark City

Hamish McGregor
BirthdateNovember 5, 1994
OccupationHeavy Metal Frontman and Guitarist
ConceptRockstar Vampire
Played ByJoseph Quinn
Player NameHexualSealing
CovenantCarthian Movement
StatusActive PC


"Can you hear me, New York?"

"I said - CAN YOU HEAR ME?!" The crowd went wild for Hamish. Now, in death? They go, as he would put it - absolutely mental. Hamish was born for this life, he just didn't know it until now. From Glasgow, he moved to New York and it didn't take long for him to make a name for himself in life. A small, dedicated following is all a band needs to get their start. It helps, of course, if your frontman is equal parts rebellious and honest, along with the scrappiness to ensure you don't get the wrong idea about the strength of their spine.

This life is not the new Firebrand's attempt at gaining more fame and selling out. He already has people who listen to him - now he may just have other ideas to communicate.

RP Hooks

Eyes on the Horizon: If the heavy Glaswegian accent didn't make it obvious, Hamish isn't from around here. Clearly he wanted what the city that never sleeps could offer and intends to make full use of it. He may not look like an idealist, but Hamish is always looking for bigger and better things. Under the wild exterior, there is a clear and burning purpose.

Trouble: Sex, drugs and rock and roll seems like a stereotype, but it is one for a reason. Hamish wasn't the most behaved person in life, why should death be any different? Sure, there are rules, but sometimes some rules should be broken - life is more fun that way.

Hellfire For The Idlers: Hamish is the lead guitarist and frontman for an anarchist metal band he formed after arriving in the city that are actually quite good, but not everyone's taste. Their audience and recognition has been on the rise lately, they even have an album under their belt.

A Spark of Unlife: Hamish is only a recent Kindred, sired by another Firebrand. Under guidance, he has become a formidable being so quickly in his own right and taken to this lifestyle seemingly with ease. The problem may come from the fact he can be easily bored and has particularly strong opinions on being told what to do, even if he can stifle the collateral chaos as a result of these flaws.

Devotion Experimenter: Not many people associate the Carthians with science and innovation, but they do conduct their own research for the benefit of their comrades. And more importantly: they are willing to share. The Gangrel has a number of Devotions under his belt and is always collecting more. Word is that he's a pretty good teacher, perhaps he can teach you something.


"The boy smells like Trouble, but really, I think that's what I like most about him. He's got a unique perspective and I want to know more." -Alexis Donovan

"Who would have thought we would wind up in the same boat. Damn... Well you watch my back and I will watch yours, We can make it though this together." - Roux O'Hara

"I'm sorry, who? Oh, yes, the one with the screamo band, whatever that means. Such a delightful young man, that one. Good taste in music." - Dorian Aria

Dinnae be a coward, speak yer mind