Hamburg Ruins

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Oggie Pryor


Bought by Duchess Natasha Arroyo after a lengthy acquisitions process accomplished by her ghouls, Imani Hakim and Oggie Pryor, the Hamburg Paper Mill Ruins, or simply the Hamburg Ruins were once the site of (surprise) a paper mill in Hamburg, New Jersey.

Completed in 1874 along the Wallkill River, the paper mill flourished as an industry creating tissue paper to pack fruit. The river was dammed, creating power for the mill, which was located close to the railroad so products could easily be shipped. The mill met its demise after multiple fires and persistent flooding in the area. The large iron wheel that probably powered the mill is still nestled on the property.

Now, it has been fully repurposed as an Elysium and the base of Kindred operations inside the nascent Domain territory of Jersey City.


  • Use of Disciplines and Devotions inside Elysium is prohibited.
  • Only Kindred and Ghouls are permitted on the grounds.
  • Court is regularly held here in a large central hall.

Borough Jersey City
Summary An Elysium for Kindred and Ghouls.
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