Half Moon

From Dark City

Note: This plot is intended for the Changeling sphere. That doesn't mean that other people can't potentially get involved, especially if someone reaches out to them, but please try to leave the focus of the plot for Changelings and Hedge Inclined characters.


Chung Se-Yoon wants to find a way to navigate in the Hedge-water, there is a rumour that he wants people to look for a solution.

Plot Details So Far

  • When we visited the Crow Market we went looking to rescue those who were enslaved and for sale there. We got them all. Every single last one of them, and walked them all out safely. There are more enslaved there, of course, working for the Crow Market itself or visiting with those that consider themselves owners, but all the ones that could be bought are free now.
  • There are Huntsmen and potentially worse at the Crow Market. If you have to go back there again, be very wary.
  • We managed to pilfer one of the keys that unlocked the slave shackles. The shackles would kill if removed without using the proper key. No telling if the key will still work in the future, but it's something to keep in mind...

Sub Plots

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  • I know things I want everyone to know. How do I get that out there?: Add an entry below, under IC Rumors. Feel free to specify a context under which you did or would tell people. Do you just tell every PC or NPC who asks, so the rumor is getting around? You don't have to post anything you don't want to, and are free to require people to seek you out for RP to get information, but if you're tired of explaining the same things over and over, put it up here.
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IC Rumors

  • Saoirse Hobfriend, Aksel Arkwright, Liv DeSwelled, and Avery Vogel ventured into the Hedge, following the advice of Raber Sehbaz to "look up what rumours there might be in the Hedge on what one could craft, what might be impossible." The quartet of Changelings survived an Electric Storm, one of the Hedge Anomalies, and came upon a local Hob denizen who agreed to draw them a map, after Aksel gifted his axe. The map, now in possession of the Lost, leads to a Hob named Fzfxy who reputedly can help.
  • The (replica) Halve Maen, believed to be part of the key to reaching the Medina, is currently berthed in Holland, but is scheduled to return to NY in March of 2022.
  • Watch this space
  • Watch this space

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