Gwenola Esperance

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Court-winter.png “Those who do not weep, do not see.”Seeming-darkling.png
To many Gwénola is not a typical Winter, but the season is about deception under a guise of Serenity and the Queen of Silent Snow is no different. A famed artist, her sculptures speak of sorrow and manage to mirror the frailties of the Ironside and Arcadia with graceful balance. Though she is like a mother to her court, she does not coddle, but protects with an icy edge of observation and secrecy. If something is happening among the Freehold, Gwenola is quite aware and has already taken measures.
RP Hooks
  • QUEEN OF WINTER - The icy queen inherited the throne from her husband who died 3 years ago in a fight against a loyalist. Her hatred of the true-blood knows no bounds.
  • ONCE A CO-OWNER - As a child of sorrow and empathy, the Winter Queen could empathize with the efforts of Payton Verhasselt's at the Serenity Funeral Home. The two made the establishment a joint venture. Rumors have begun as of late the two are not on speaking terms, and Gwenola has left her position on staff.
  • FAMED ARTIST - Gwénola is a famous sculptor who emphasizes her sorrow into her art, specializing in architectural design in monuments, mausoleums, and statues. When she was on staff at the Serenity Funeral Home she diverged her skills into tombstones and still holds a love for the process, even if she has since left her role.
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Gwénola L'Esperance (NPC)
Pronouns: She/Her
Apparent Age: 30's
Occupation: Sculptor
Public Effects: Cold Hearted
Closed Book 5
Fame 2
Mantle 5
Striking Looks 2 (Regal)

Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Artist
Court: Winter
Title: Queen of Silent Snow