Grey County High School

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Grey County High School
Chronicle Jericho
Bonus Academics +1
Room Type Other

Part of Grey County's K-12 program, the high school occupies its own building to give brooding teenagers some breathing room from their younger counterparts. Nestled at the edge of the Broken Ridge Forest, the school's brick facade is weathered by time and has started to blend in the mountainous backdrop that surrounds it. As expected, the grounds are often frequented by local wildlife. While the Grey County Wampus Cats haven't brought critical acclaim to their athletic department in any sport in quite some time, the school's sporting events are nevertheless a local hub of activity and pride, and foster a strong sense of community, a microcosm of the perseverance of the region.


Title Date Location Cast Summary
A Little Excitement and Fun 2023-06-28 Grey County High School Jamie Murphy, Rebecca Willows Becca and Jamie break into the high school to use the crash mat.
Summer Scrimmage 2023-07-01 Grey County High School Colt Murphy, Eddie Jenkins, James Evans, Jamie Murphy, Travis Martinez The cell takes on the one and only Grey County Wampus Cat!
First Date All Over Again 2023-08-10 Grey County High School, June's Country Kitchen Jamie Murphy, Rusty Murphy Rusty recreates their first date for Jamie - as much as one can 18 years later.