Great Observatory

From Dark City

Great Observatory Accessed via the roof of 550 Central Park West, the entrance to the Autumn Hollow appears as a simple pair of doors leading nowhere, and to non-Autumn Changelings, is only visible if one climbs the entire way up via the building's stairs. Those of the Court may take the elevator.

Beyond those doors lies a vast plane of twilight, the sky a half crimson as the sun turns red beyond the horizon. Ahead beckons tangled fields of briar and pumpkins, forming paths that lead to a maze of cornrows overseen by immense scarecrows which seem to attract swarms of oversized crows despite their intended purpose. All serve as the initial lines of defence of Autumn, spreading out in all directions to ring an impossibly huge Oak, its branches bare of leaves and each large enough to house both residence and workspaces. Each barren branch has been hollowed out and capped by a large telescope, some which look outwards towards the enemies of both the Court and Freehold, while others bend upwards to seek augury and information within the skies of the Hedge.

Within the Great Observatory, the halls wind through endless corridors filled with all manner of oddity and threat trapped in amber cases, sustained through time by Autumn sorcery and divulging the information about each that one might seek. The main hall of the Hollow is a comfortable space of quiet and contemplation, with places to sit and read, write or catalogue as one might wish, while all throughout mirrors, shew stones, crystals, and scrying pools have been set out near seating so that the sorcerers of Autumn might seek what information they wish in comfort, a staff of hobs providing food and drink as needed. Much of the furnishings are built out of the tree itself, including shelves, seating, beds And other fixtures. Rather than glass, the windows are made of a clear, incredibly strong sap produced by the tree, which is lit throughout by globes and braziers that illuminate a pure, cool light from pools of water held within.

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Summary Autumn Hollow on the roof of 550 Central Park West
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