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“War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious.”

- Smedley Butler

Grant’s new to the city, but he’s been running with the Movement for the last half-Century, long enough to have his ideals tested time and time again. It’s taken its toll: he lacks the ideological fervor of other Firebrands. He’s jaded. When they get up on their soapboxes and call for change, he questions if they’re ready to bleed for it. When the idealists shy away from the struggle, they call on Grant to dirty his hands for them.

Since carving out a base of operations in Sunset Park, Grant has taken a particular interest in the recent history of the Kindred in the city. He wants to know how the old Praxis collapsed — and more importantly, how the current Praxis maintains such an iron grip over the Boroughs.

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RP Hooks
Kaoliang: Tucked away in between a laundromat and a realtor’s office is Kaoliang in Sunset Park. Grant’s Taiwanese restaurant is a fairly nondescript building, indistinguishable from other similar venues in the blossoming Chinatown. Unlike most of the others, however, Kaoliang is a common meeting ground for a number of Asian-American gangs and criminal organizations operating in the city. Grant ensures the space is neutral territory; a space to share information, break bread, and make peace. Grant can be found there at least once a week, and is always eager to hear about movements in the city’s underworld. A locked backroom remains open to Kindred of the Movement — and of course, curious Court officials, sure to find everything above board.

Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap) While Grant caters primarily to his Carthian comrades, he’s not above selling his services to others. He’s connected to black marketeers, crime scene “cleaners”, and various others unsavory types. For the right price, he’ll handle it himself. He charges higher prices for Invictus requests — but they can pay the price.

Spirited Debate: Despite his rough exterior, Grant is more than just a foot soldier for the Carthian Movement. He’s well versed in political theory, both Kindred and mortal, and is very interested in understanding the situation that led to Prince Mab seizing power. He’s got a few theories - some verging into the realm of conspiracy - as to how it happened. Kindred interested in discussing history or debating politics will find that Grant is more than capable of holding his own when it comes to either. He’s always looking for new points of view, and particularly delights in deflating the idealism of young Carthians with big ideas.

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Grant Tsai

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Pronouns: He/Him

Height: 5’9”
Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Carthian Movement
Public Effects:
Status (Crime) 1
Status (Carthian Movement) 2
Status (City) 1

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Played By: Neon