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Grant Clayton has Blush of Life active around non-vampires, and he dresses well, but doesn't make a show of the latest fashion, instead going for a more understated, older look, He's fond of dark brown/blue/gray colors. Grant is tall, about 6'3, and is an older man in his early 60's, with thinning white hair that was once blonde, framing light green, or perhaps gray eyes. Eyes like the tinted windows of a luxury car, mouth like an iron maiden, smile like a blood-stained crown, the Cleaner is a Lord, through and through.

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RP Hooks
Hook 1-Cleaner Clayton-Grant Clayton is a Cleaner. If you have heard about someone breaking the Masquerade, you will probably want to tell the Cleaner. He will find out one way or the other, and it is far more pleasant when you work with him.

Hook 2-Lord over beasts-Grant Clayton is Lord over beasts. He enjoys discussion of such loyal creatures.

Hook 3-Politics-Grant Clayton was raised as a child to be a pezzonovante, as they say in the Godfather movies. He is happy to discuss politics.

Hook 4-Knowledge-Grant Clayton is happy to discuss music, science, philosophy, fashion, psychology, culture, dreams, anthropology, even emotions.

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Grant Clayton
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Full Name: Grant Clayton

Pronouns: He/Him



Occupation: Cleaner

Age: 60

Height: 6'3"

Clan: Ventrue

Covenant: Invictus

Bloodline: None


Presence ••••

Blood Potency •••

Invictus Status ••

City Status •

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Played By: Glassnumbers