Gift of Metal

From Dark City

Verdigris Hex (Cunning)

Shining lustre stains before the hungry tongue of rust; sturdy resilience falters into brittle fatigue before time and tide. This is the lesson: the endurance of metal is naught but a masquerade.
Cost: 1 Essence
Dice Pool: Wits + Craft + Cunning – Resolve
Action: Instant
Duration: 1 month This Facet can be used against a character whom the Uratha touches.
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The Uratha gains the Ban Condition. She feels an extremely strong aversion to damaging or destroying anything made of or including metal in its construction.
Failure: The Facet fails.
Success: The prey is cursed for the Facet’s duration, suffering the Uratha’s Cunning Renown as a penalty to Craft, Computer, and Science dice pools that involve using or working on metal components in any way; circuitry degrades, metal components rust, or parts snap or break due to metal fatigue.
Exceptional Success: The prey also suffers the Ban Condition. They must strike or otherwise physically lash out at any technology that includes metal in its construction that fails to work, breaks, or frustrates them.

Gleaming Allure (Glory)

The shining hue of precious gold and silver has long bent humanity to the will of metal, twisting their resolve and breaking their wits.
Cost: 1 Essence
Dice Pool: Presence + Subterfuge + Glory – Composure
Action: Instant
Duration: 1 month, or until the effect is invoked
This Facet can be used against a character with whom the Uratha makes an exchange or offers a gift to of a precious metal such as gold, silver, or platinum.
Roll Results:
Dramatic Failure: The Uratha gains the Ban Condition. She must hoard shiny things, regardless of their actual value, for the Condition’s duration.
Failure: The Facet fails.
Success: This Facet has two effects if successfully. Firstly, the Uratha can treat the metal she is bartering with to serve, for that particular transaction, as if she had Resources equal to her Glory Renown—however, the beguiling effect will not last, and the prey will be aware of the true value of the exchange at the end of the scene. Secondly, if the trade or gift is accepted, then once in the next month when the Uratha can perceive the prey, she can cause the character to dramatically fail a single dice pool involving Wits or Resolve.
Exceptional Success: Instead of a dramatic failure, the Uratha may cause the victim to suffer the Blinded Tilt for her Glory Renown in turns; this is a metaphorical blindness rather than physical, the victim's mind too filled with the greedy glint of gold.

Steel Rancor (Honor)

The Uratha snarls insult at the slaves of steel, drawing the anger of the iron hornets onto herself.
Cost: 1 Essence
Action: Reflexive
This Facet can be used when an attack involving a metal weapon, projectile, or component is made against another character within Honor Renown x 3 yards of the Uratha. The attack is instead made against the Uratha; she can use this Facet up to her Honor Renown in times each turn. When multiple characters are targeted via effects such as autofire, the Uratha suffers only a single attack from a given source regardless of how many characters she protects with Steel Rancor; were she to retarget a spray of machine-gun fire or shrapnel that would hit two or three packmates, she is only hit by one instance of the attack.

Quell Silver (Purity)

Silver’s burning bite craves the flesh and blood of the Uratha; this Facet lets the wolf turn aside its ravening appetite, at least for a little while.
Cost: 2 Essence
Action: Reflexive
Against attacks or effects that would cause harm via silver, this Facet adds the Uratha’s Purity to her Defence or any other value opposing the effect, such as an attribute used for resisting, contesting, or withstanding.

Iron Truth (Wisdom)

There is truth in iron, a cold and hard edge of the real and the raw that grinds against the lofty and the ethereal with its cruel actuality. Humanity has long seen iron as a tool against that which is magical and mad; so too can the Uratha wielding this Facet bring some of iron’s harsh practicality to bear against her foes.
Cost: 1 Essence
Action: Reflexive
This Facet is used to augment a Brawl, Firearms, or Weaponry attack, triggering a Clash of Wills against a supernatural effect that protects the prey from harm. Success causes the supernatural protection to end or, for permanent and innate powers, to cease functioning for a number of turns equal to the Uratha’s Wisdom Renown. Note that a werewolf's regeneration is not an effect that protects the prey from harm.