Gideon Grey

From Dark City

Gideon Grey
GideonGrey (1).jpg
SkintoneLightly Tanned
AgeLate 20s
OccupationTotally Legit Merchant
ConceptSmuggler with a heart of gold
Played ByAiden Turner
Player NameKatiePlays
CourtCourt of Skies
StatusActive PC


Mask: Tall, dark, and handsome, Gideon Grey cuts an impressive figure. He stands just shy of six foot tall with a lean, muscular build that speaks to his strength without the bulk. A roguish charm accentuates his good looks, often accompanied by a mischievous glint in his eyes. A prominent scar runs down his cheek, a remnant from one of the many battles he's faced, adding a rugged edge to his appearance. Tattooed constellations adorn his skin, his arms and back nearly as detailed as the night sky he navigates by.

Mien: Gideon's Mien is equally striking, his body formed from stone with a crystalline sheen that catches the light. The tattoos his Mask shows are etched into his stone exterior, each star softly glowing. Crystals, corals, and shells grow naturally on his rocky body, adding a unique texture and color that accentuate his otherworldly presence. He was turned into a creature of both strength and ethereal beauty.

Public Effects: Mantle (3), Striking Looks - Roguish (2), Rigid Mask


Gideon is a merchant and trader to most, and a known smuggler to some. If you have cargo you need moved, and nobody else will take it, Gideon will. He comes from a long line of traveling traders and is carrying on the family business despite the fact that, as best he can tell, his family tree died out a hundred years ago while he was trapped in Arcadia. He doesn't like to talk about any of that.

The man is cunning and resourceful, and above all, fiercely loyal to his friends and allies. Many mistake his dry wit and calm demeanor even in the face of danger as him being all talk and no action, but while violence isn't his first choice, he doesn't back down when there's a need for it.

Since his escape, Gideon has been driven by an unending desire for freedom and a need to help others escape the clutches of the Fae. He harbors a deep-seated hatred for slave traders and those who exploit others, and he will ferry both mortals and Lost to safer shores every chance he gets.

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Title Date Location Cast Summary
The Bounty Of The Sea 2024-07-15 Bonny Bell, Edwin Westly, Gideon Grey Bonny and Gideon manage to get Edwin to loosen up while Edwin tricks Bonny into thinking about economics