Ghoul Cult

From Dark City

Note: This plot is intended for the Vampire sphere. That doesn't mean that other people can't potentially get involved, especially if someone reaches out to them, but please try to leave the focus of the plot for Vampire characters.


The Kindred of New York are facing an existential threat. Just as happened over 20 years ago, Kindred are disappearing without a trace. The threat has grown bold and made itself known through a harrowing attack on the Prince and the court at North Brother Island, but continues to retreat to the shadows, happy to ambush kindred one by one, in their havens, in the streets, with overwhelming numbers in their own favor. Their tactics have earned them the moniker "Cowards".


  • Piece together all of the information you have gathered on the threat.
  • Uncover more information.
  • End the threat permanently, and claim NYC for Kindred once more.

IC Rumors


  • The leader of the ghoul cult was captured in a daring daytime operation.
  • She remains in Kindred custody awaiting interrogation.

The Liberty Island Incident

  • A collection of Kindred launched an assault on Liberty Island to recover Quinn Martin and Joseph Oliver
  • After an engagement that saw them enter the star fort itself, the Kindred uncovered a secret chamber beneath the statue.
  • This chamber housed the cornucopia, an iron maiden like device that the cult was using to obtain its ichorous vitae.
  • The cornucopia was damaged by Circe's Bane, and the Kindred extracted without casualties.
  • It is unknown if the cult has the means to repair or replace the cornucopia.

The Walls Have Ears
Surveillance is a hot topic right now, and for good reason. Contact Moira Reverie and Quinn Martin for counter-espionage coordination.

Blood Sorcery
Moira Reverie Reports that the ghouls are using an 'ichor' derived from a novel virus as the prime reagent for their blood sorcery.

  • She has organised a team including Deni, Eli Dupree, Alexis Donovan, and Quinn Martin to research and develop countermeasures to nullify this reagent.
  • The team has developed the ability to create through ritual an antigen that can injected or coated on weapons. It has a number of anti-ichor effects
    • It will eject ghouls from their monstrous (and blasphemous) forms
    • It will render traps imbued by ichor inert almost immediately
    • It will nullify viral sources of ichor, preventing them from being used to create more
  • The team has also developed the ability to detected infected sources of the virus through a minute of observation, if subtlety is employed.
  • The team has weaponised the counter-agent so that it can be dispersed in the air, seeking out and neutering viral sources without the need for direct engagement. They can create traps that, if triggered within a day, will infect a viral host and then spread to other hosts they encounter.
  • The team can construct devices that detect viral hosts in a 10 meter radius automatically.

The God of Blood
Moira Reverie has unfortunate portents of a religious matter involving the Lampreys and their interests in Queens. The Haruspex has not publicly divulged her findings, but if you ask her about it she might tell you what she's seen in her visions.

Missing Kindred
Haven't seen somebody in a while? Maybe they left town or maybe they were abducted. Quinn Martin has threads he's been following and has been assembling teams to deal with them.

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  • Every Vampire

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