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Green-Wood Cemetery

  • The National Historic Landmark known as Green-Wood cemetery is anything but dead. More so this park is known as a 'living cemetery' where one can go to memorialize the dead, celebrate art and architecture, enjoy nature, and wade through History. The cemetery spans 478 acres including walking paths, glacial ponds, and an arboretum. Because this location is so heavily visited, ghosts flock to this location if they weren't here already, taking comfort in the plentiful essence fonts. Sin-Eaters often choose this location for private meetings. Because of the vast landscape, after closing it's easy enough to meet with sizeable groups and never be seen.
    • This location has an Avernian Gate.

The Last Chapter

  • A small and jammed to the ceiling bookshop run by David Ester. A wise and helpful old man who seeks to help ghosts and Bound alike. The shop itself doesn't seem to have any sort of real hours, only a sign on the front that reads Open or Closed, though usually 7 days a week, you'll find the door unlocked and the lights on. Sometimes David may or may not be around, but customers who frequent the place are usually held to the honor system of paying for their books. A small black cat named Alibi runs around the stacks, greeting new customers and searching for treats.</noinclude>

The Tempest Lounge

  • Located in Manhattan, a fairly well known club among the Sin-Eaters and their supernatural guests. Owned by Akasha Ravi, the Lounge serves as a place for the Bound to lay down their worries. The club is for Sin-Eaters only, though they may bring supernatural others so long as they do not leave without them. Any fighting or use of powers is strictly prohibited and violators will be banned from returning. Underground, one takes a private elevator to arrive. Stepping in to low lights, warm fireplaces, soothing music, high end liquor, and couches rather than tables. Private rooms are available for more personal conversations.</noinclude>