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Sin-Eater Creation

Concept Choose a base idea for your Bound. Either recently dead and new to the world of the Sin-Eaters, only recently coming to terms with the Bargain between your Geist, or an old pro who has been around a while.

Aspirations & ST Hooks

  • 1 Burden Aspiration: EG: Finding a lost loved one (Bereaved), restoring your reputation (Abiding), or making amends for past wrongs (Kindly).
  • 3 ST Hooks: EG: A scene where my character has to face a Reaper. A scene where I am forced to play out my Bloom. A scene in which I get to use my Criminal Contacts.

Burden Choose your Burden: The Hungry, The Bereaved, The Vengeful, The Abiding, or the Kindly.

Archetype Choose your Archetype: Furies, Mourners, Necropolitans, Pilgrims, or Undertakers.

Root & Bloom Choose your relationships with the Dead and the Living. If you would like to use a custom Root or Bloom, please submit it for review before submitting your PC.

Attributes 5/4/3 dots as your core.

Skills 11/7/4 dots as your core.


  • All Bound gain the Tolerance for Biology merit for Free.
  • 10 as your core.
  • You may spend 5 merit dots on Synergy 2, or all 10 for Synergy 3.
  • You may use merit dots on Ceremonies (please remember that Ceremonies cost 2 per dot).
  • You may spend 3 of your merit dots on one Memento. Please have Memento ready for approval.
  • To take the Professional Training Merit, you must have actually been professionally trained in your back story, by a professional.
  • You cannot start with Civil Society Status higher than 2.
  • As a mortal you may take Supernatural Powers.
  • As a Sin-Eater you may not.

Synergy All Bound start with Synergy 1. You may raised this to 2 or 3 with core merit points. No one can begin play with Synergy beyond 3.

Touchstones Determine how many Touchstones your Bound requires. At Synergy 1 they will have one: A touchstone tied to their Burden. At Synergy 3 you gain a Touchstone tied to your Geist’s Remembrance.

Haunts Assign 3 dots to Haunts. At least two must go into a Haunt or Haunts you have Affinity with.

Keys Choose a Key that reflects the circumstance of your character’s death.

Liminal Aura Rating Synergy x10 in Yards

Bound Relationship Pool Based off your Synergy Rating.

Resonant Death Exemption Deaths similar to the Sin-Eater's original can kill them permanently. Please discuss the specifics so they're set in stone in case the situations arises again.

Defense Lower of Dexterity or Wits + Athletics

Size 5, unless modified by a merit.

Health Size + Stamina

Willpower Resolve + Composure

Initiative Dexterity + Composure

Speed Strength + Dexterity + 5

Backgrounds Please include detailed information if you've any of the following in your background:

  • Family members or close friends that will come into play.
  • Jobs outside your own business (IE a 9-5).
  • Trips into the Underworld will need a brief description of each instance.
  • How you came across your Memento or if you made it yourself.

Geist Creation

!!While your Sin-Eater may have a hazy relationship with your Geist, you need a very clear one. A lot will be left up to the ST to complete your Geist’s story, so this means they need a solid foundation to work with. Please have a clear and strong concept as to what you’re looking for out of your Geist.

Concept Geists are archetypal, atavistic beings, their humanity submerged deep below the surface. They don’t have names — or, more accurately, they’ve long since forgotten them — and so consequently they’re often known by titles that evoke mythology or urban legends. They are strongly tied to a particular cause or concept of death, and echo that in their appearance and abilities. Though their appearance is often monstrous, even the most horrific of geists retains a basic, recognizable humanity; they are never wholly alien or bestial.

Remembrances Remembrance should be a simple, straightforward image presented mainly in sensations: sights, smells, tastes, etc. It should also provide a suggestion of where and how to start investigating it.

Remembrance Trait A Skill or Merit with a dot cost of 3 or less. You may not split this among two or three skills or merits. These traits do not raise above the Sin-Eaters max trait limit.

(Remember, to use this Trait, you Spend Plasm to gain the dots as your own. Should you choose a 3 dot merit, you’ll have to spend all three Plasm before you have the benefit of the Merit.)

Ban Choose your Geist’s Ban. Appropriate for a Rank 3 Ghost.

Bane Choose your Geist’s Bane. Appropriate for a Rank 3 Ghost.

Virtue Choose your Geist’s Virtue.

Vice Choose your Geist’s Vice.

Crisis Point Triggers Choose your set of Crisis Point Triggers.

Innate Key Choose your Geist’s Innate Key, a glimpse into how they died.


  • Base Competency: You start with one dot in all Attributes for free.
  • Assign Dots: Assign 12 dots, any way you like, to the Power, Finesse, and Resistance Attributes.
  • Attribute Maximum: No Attribute may begin with a rating higher than 9.

Rank Rank 3 unless you take the Dread Geist Merit at Creation. If you choose this, make sure your Ban and Bane reflect the higher rank.

Defense Lower of Power or Finesse

Size 5

Initiative Finesse + Resistance

Speed Power + Finesse + 5

Willpower Bound Geists share Willpower with their bound Sin-Eaters

Influences Geists treat their innate Key as an Influence with dots equal to their Rank, but only while Unleashed.

Manifestations Bound Geists can only be Unleashed in certain circumstances; otherwise they only project an image of themselves in Twilight.