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Joining The Sphere

  • No previous Full Splat can become a Bound.
  • No Venue specific half splat can become a Bound.
  • Only mortal or mortal+ can make a transition to Bound.

Types of Characters Available

  • You may play a Sin-Eater, a mortal, or Mortal +.
  • Previous Mortal+ lose all their supernatural benefits/merits when becoming Bound.
  • Ghosts, Absent, Geists (save for the Unleashed Condition), Reapers, Kerberoi, or Cthonic Entities are unavailable for play.


  • If a player goes into the Underworld (sans ST) within the Upper Reaches without a Ticket submitted, goes to River Towns, or engages in River Travel without an ST the scene will be nulled. Do not do it.
  • If a Geist becomes Unleashed, it's an ideal situation to have an ST. If all parties in the scene are comfortable with the Geist being unleashed and TPO handling the situation, this is fine so long as it's logged for an ST to review. Please make sure in said scenes that no large issues occur from the situation: No NPC deaths, no large public witnessing, etc. If you'd prefer to pause the scene and wait for an ST, please take a log and do so. The scene will be considered bubbled until completion.


  • Dread Geist (•••) Effect: Your Geist is Rank 4.
    • If you take this merit, please raise your Geist's stats to the following:
      • 1 Attribute in each Power, Finesse, and Resistance for free.
      • 23 Dots to spend throughout Power, Finesse, and Resistance with a max of 12 in each Trait.
      • Defense: The lower of Power or Finesse
      • Size: 5
      • Initiative: Finesse + Resistance
      • Speed: Power + Finesse + 5
      • Corpus: Size + Resistance
      • Sin-Eater’s Rank is the lower of Synergy or Geist’s Rank.
      • Please make sure Ban and Bane are appropriate for a Rank 4 ephemeral entity (190 G:tSE).
  • Barghest and other Ghost Retainers are not allowed.


  • When using a Key, a player is restricted to the Key's attribute rating per scene. (IE, Wits 3 can be used 3 times.) The Doom must be paid for the Willpower.

Plasm Tracking

  • Plasm, Synergy and other vitals stats are tracked through your characters tracker page