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Ghosts of New York
The ghosts of New York are plentiful, if only because of the size of the population. More than 50,000 people die every year in New York City, making the death resonance thick. Not all people who pass will make a ghost that is capable of understanding just what it is. Most are just phantasms; ghosts of precious trinkets or beloved pets, memorialized buildings. Others are people, but only parts of them... these are the ghosts called Lares, forever doomed to loop their final moments or routines from their lives until they fade away as all things eventually do. Hardier ghosts, Lemures are those that die, can understand just what they are, but are unsure how to resolve their final business, terrified of the prospect of slipping lower into the Underworld, or perhaps just don't know how to move on into the light.

It is rare an average person will come across a ghost of rank 3 or higher unless of course they're becoming one of the Bound, or aren't living to tell the tale. Geists are powerful beings from the Underworld that come back with a purpose and no anchors to restrict them.

Ghost Pets
Type: (Non-Sapient) Spectre/Phantasm

Rank: 0

Influence: N/A

Ban: N/A

Bane: Must remain on the property or it fades away.

Anchor: The owner's property.

Description: Not all animals become ghosts, though when they do its often the beloved family pet. A prized race horse. An exotic attraction. Something that people loved and or thought about often enough that despite them being gone, our heart still stir in their memory. The yellow lab that the Thompsons had since it was 8 weeks old that died of cancer still sits on their front porch to bark at passersby. The cat that roamed the bookstore and was secretly everyone's reason for visiting with or without a purchase made. These ghosts are non-sapient, meaning they are not aware of what's happened and without fail will continue to act as they always did.

Numina: Pathfinder

Location: Homes, Farms, Campuses

Haunted Portrait
Type: (Non-Sapient) Spectre/Phantasm

Rank: 0

Influence: N/A

Ban: N/A

Bane: Can not be covered with cloth.

Anchor: The original picture or frame.

Description: Step into any old mansion and there is the dread-inducing portrait over the mantle. Its eyes follow you and leave you unsettled. It makes you question your presence here and your safety. While there is no person behind this ghost, the portrait itself is haunted by the reputation and history of its subject.

Numina: Emotional Aura.

Location: Old houses, storage lockers, museums.

Type: (Sapient) Lare

Rank: 1

Influence: Depression

Ban: Must continue to follow their loop.

Bane: Being pulled back from the ledge.

Anchor: George Washington Bridge

Description: These helpless ghosts continue to play out their last moments before their death. Standing desperately on the ledges of the George Washington Bridge, doomed to let go again and again.

Numina: Awe, Blast (Cold Winds)

Location: George Washington Bridge

Frozen Vagrant
Type: (Sapient) Lare

Rank: 1

Influence: Cold

Ban: Must stay outdoors.

Bane: Fire

Anchor: Alleyway

Description: Left to the frost bitten nights of the cold New York City streets, the homeless of the city often slip away. In dark allies you'll find their ghosts on repeat, shivering among their haphazard tents and shelters. They're present, but they don't come out of their frozen stupor.

Numina: Blast (Ice), Drain, Innocuous

Location: Alleyways, under Overpasses

Impatient Patient
Type: (Sapient) Lemure

Rank: 2

Influence: Illness

Ban: Pressing the call button at the slightest concern.

Bane: Iodine

Anchor: Hospital Room

Description: The patient in room 309 that refused to hit his call button when he started to feel woozy. He was only tired. There wasn't much pain. And his nurse Brenda had worked so hard last night with three others coding in a single shift. He didn't want to bother her now. He'd just closed his eyes and tried to rest. Now the impatient patient knows he was worse off than he realized, and now he can never leave. Until then, he'll help Brenda's patients, calling for them in case they need it.

Numina: Implant Mission, Left Handed Spanner

Location: Hospitals, Wards

Type: (Sapient) Lemure

Rank: 2

Influence: Imagination

Ban: Must play game with if asked.

Bane: Salt Water

Anchor: Playground

Description: Susan was told not to swing that high, but at 6 years old, you don't listen because what the adults don't know is you can fly. Now, with a broken neck, Susan waits for others at the playground, hoping to get in a good game of tag or hide and seek before they have to leave. They all leave before her. She's unsure where her parents went but time doesn't make much sense for a child this young. They'll be back to get her before dinner.

Numina: Speed, Anchor Jump

Location: Playground, School Yard

Type: (Sapient) Lemure

Rank: 2

Influence: Drugs

Ban: Must take drugs offered.

Bane: Calling them by their full name.

Anchor: The taxi they died in.

Description: When the passenger got in the car the driver immediately knew he should take them to the hospital, but they never made it. The overdose had already settled into the system. They arrived at the hospital without a heart beat. Now they're along for the ride eternally, unable to get much farther than a few steps from the taxi when it's parked. They watch the city they can never interact with go by in the window and lament on the conversations between the driver and new customers.

Numina: Drain, Hallucination, Sign

Location:Various Taxis

Burned Lover
Type: (Sapient) Lemure

Rank: 2

Influence: Fire

Ban: Must inhale (both cigarettes and fire) smoke when present.

Bane: Extinguishing Agents

Anchor: Spouse

Description: Elliot had promised Regina he'd quit smoking and more often than not he snuck one and would just open the window to clear the air. That night he started a smoke and fell asleep with it on the couch, burning the house down with himself and Regina inside. Regina survived, though not without her own fair share of burns and new disabilities. Now Elliot can't let her live on in peace, his guilt forcing him to remain and make amends.

Numina: Firestarter, Blast, Moliate

Location: Various

Avernian Guardian
Type: (Sapient) Greater Mane

Rank: 4

Influence: Death, Graveyards

Ban: Can not let people travel through the gate without the proper resonance.

Bane: Dirt from outside the Graveyard in its nose and mouth.

Anchor: The Avernian Gate.

Description: Every Avernian Gate has a Guardian. Much like the lore of the Black Dog, it was believed that the first resident buried in a graveyard's soul would rise up to protect the sacred land. So too do these ghosts protect the deathly spaces but also the Avernian Gates that give that same resonance reprieve - the drains into the Underworld, forever flowing downward. These ghosts can look humanoid but more often they look other-worldly, denoting their time in the Underworld and the warped effect such a place has on one's being, as its imbued with hallowed power.

Numina: Blast, Engulf, Regenerate, Stalwart, Telekinesis, Firestarter.

Location: Avernian Gates in places of death resonance.