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Family Pet (••)

Sometimes Sin-Eaters can’t always watch over their loved ones. It helps having a visual representation of their status on hand to watch from afar.
Subject: One small animal: a bird, frog, rabbit, etc…
Duration: One month
Symbols: Hair, Bone, Fingernails, Blood
Rituals: The Sin-Eater takes a small piece of their subject: fingernail clippings, hair, a bit of blood, and imbues it with one Plasm, feeding it to a small animal.
Dice Pool: Composure + Empathy
Success: For one month per Plasm imbued the animal in use gains the same health boxes, and ailments as the subject, as well as mimicking any wounds the subject endures. Should the subject die, the animal also dies. Animals that would normally have a shorter lifespan find theirs naturally expanded so long as they are still tied to a healthy subject. Any damage to the animal has no effect to the subject, and the animal can still be killed normally.