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Helpful Discord bot commands.

Dice Bot

You can roll dice in any room, but we've created a #【🎲】dice-roller room for when you need to roll dice out of a scene, or if there are a ton of rolls that are distracting from the scene (or if you prefer not to roll in the scene room at all!)

Use @Dicecord roll X where X is the number of dice you wish to roll.

You can also apply the modifiers 8again, 9again, noagain (to remove 10again) and rote.

You can also @Dicecord roll chance for a chance die.

At this time, Dicecord does not support automatic willpower dice, so you will have to add those manually.

You can append any text you wish to a roll. @Dicecord roll 12 9again for Wits+Empathy will work normally, for example.

Ticket Bot

Step One: Navigate to the #create-new-ticket channel under the Support category in the Dark City Discord.


Step Two: Click the 📩 emoji reaction on the pinned Request Ticket post.


Step Three: A private channel will be automatically created, and a Staffer will be assigned to your ticket. Please DO NOT tag staff in your tickets.

Ticketer at work.jpg

Step Four: Use one of the templates from below and submit it to the generated channel.

Ticketer at work2.jpg

Step Five: Once your sheet has been updated or your request responded to, click the 🔒 emoji reaction to close the ticket, and then the ✅ emoji reaction to confirm.

Ticketer at work3.jpg

Step Six: The ticket will then be closed, and the Staff member will send you a link to a transcript of the ticket for your own records.

Player Commendation

To recommend a player for a commendation (which we commemorate with a Beat!), please use the template below and submit it as a general ticket. Thanks!

Player to Commend: Server Username!
Character: The Player's Character that we'll give the Beat to!
Reason: A couple of sentences about why you feel this player should be commended!
Logs: Any logs you feel are relevant to this commendation. This is optional.

Please read the full Ticket guidelines for templates, et cetera.

Weather Bot

Use @Weather in either the #setting</nocode> or #bot-commands</nocode> channel to get the current weather in NYC.

If you need help with any of these, just ask in the server, and someone will be happy to assist.