From Dark City

At Dark City we use a modified beat system. They are not used toward XP but instead, beats can be exchanged for beneficial Conditions, extra dice, or to lessen nasty modifiers, restoring a measure of their value to the game without creating an ecosystem that requires players to "beat farm" in order to prevent themselves from falling behind on XP gain.

Beats are accrued in the normal way, but max out at 5. Staff may also award Beats at their discretion.

Please note the following:

  • Beats are self-track.
  • When you add or remove Beats, you are required to indicate where they're coming from or where they're going with a few brief words in the "Summary" field that is at the bottom of each Wiki page update.
  • If you don't indicate where Beats came from, they will be considered invalid and removed.

In order to begin tracking beats for your character (let's assume your character's name is Joe Money), you would go to and add the following code:

<br>Beats: 0

Pretty simple!