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Gage is so. over. it.

He's been seeing spirits since he was a child, and almost nothing scares him anymore. Just trust that you really, really don't want to see what scares this man. He smokes like a chimney and has a chip on his shoulder that would put the Doritos factory to shame. Covered in tattoos, some professional and some stick-poke, he projects an aura of defiance that borders on arrogance.

He's tall and rangy at about 6'3", with short, messy brown hair that falls in his piercing blue eyes, perhaps as a style choice or maybe out of refusal to care about it. You'll only catch Gage in a suit on special occasions like architectural openings or galas - the rest of the time, he's as casual as can be. He has a loose-limbed gait that always looks like he's ready to square up on somebody.


Long-limbed and lanky as both man and wolf, Gage's Urhan form is an endangered red wolf, with black-tipped reds and beiges in his coat reminiscent of the red clay and rocks of his southwestern home. Some have ignorantly confused him for a coyote, but the bulk of his musculature and sheer size betray his lupine heritage. Somehow his wolf form retains his general expressiveness, and it's hard to meet the eyes of this creature without feeling like he's monumentally unimpressed.

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RP Hooks
HISIL ARCHITECT: Ever stepped into a building that felt especially...spiritual? Gage specializes in architecture that reflects or repels the Shadow, and helps sustain Loci of his own. Need an essence boost? How about a new kitchen? He's your guy.

BANG THE DRUM: He was the drummer in a punk band, and also uses the drum in Uratha rites. Are you a musician looking to jam? Are you looking for a Ritemaster to kick off Siskur-Dah? Let's talk.

PARTY MONSTER: Sometimes it's nice to numb your brain for a while. New York has lots of places and people willing to help a guy out with that. Gage is addicted to the party scene, especially as his role as architect gives him access to the periphery of the exceptional NYC art scene.

KARMA CHAMELEON: Actually, he's a gecko. Gage's best friend is a Gecko spirit who's come with him all the way from New Mexico.

FETISH CLUB: He can make you a fetish that's also a club-type weapon. What did you think I meant? He can make fetishes in other shapes, too.

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Gage Delaney
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AGE: 28
CONCEPT: Jaded Seer
PUBLIC EFFECTS: Striking Looks 2 (Roguish)

AUSPICE: Ithaeur
TRIBE: Blood Talons
LODGE: None yet
  • Glory 1
  • Wisdom 3

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Played By: User:Kitzilla