Gaea's Future

From Dark City

"The Future Depends on What We Do in The Present "

Mahatma Gandhi


 Gaea's Future is a non-profit organization, the sister company to "Rea's Creations" a west cost based technology developing company that focuses on renewable energy and ecologic solutions. Gaea's Future has a mission of giving communities access to technologies to allow them to thrive and be indepent in the market, giving them a chance to grow in such a profit dominated market. The organization has worked with companies in other fields, like medical supplies, housing and telecom, to create programs in all parts of life.


 The company currently has no office in the NY area but we are working towards that goal.

 We are looking of companies to work with in New York and the east cost area in general. Please contact us to build a future together!
 We are currently seeking active personel! Please apply if you share our vision of the world.
Gaea's Future
Established: 2011
Owner: [Alexis Carrera]

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