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'“The way to have power is to take it.”
— William M. Tweed


Gabriella is a beautiful woman in her mid forties with dark yet intense eyes. A life in luxury has assured that surgery has been used to combat any blemishes that hasn't been approved by Gabriella herself and as such she has yet been forced to pay any tolls for her age. There's something motherly and approachable about her persona, as the rather statuesque woman is quick to offer a warm smile. She's often well dressed and carriers herself with a proud gait.

To those able to pierce the nature of her mask one will find someone rather close to what her mask offered, although there are differences. She's definitely larger than before, broader, curvier and taller, like a the personification of some motherly figure of a long forgotten cult. Upon the Nightsinger's head rests a tiara of gold and her smile makes her teeth shine like snow in the darkness of winter. She demands your attention and few can resist giving it.

Gabriella's spring mantle invokes sensations of warmth, first and foremost. Not the humid heat of summer or the scorching sensation of a fire, but rather the warmth of a mother's gentle embrace, a lover's first kiss or the sensation of community one might find in a ragtag group of friends. There's something else there though, more subtle, which slowly creeps forth the longer one spends time in Gabriella's presence. A sensation of wanton desire, be it for cash, sex, drinks, food or sex.

Roleplaying Hooks

Freehold presence (Changelings)

Gabriella has been present in the New York Freehold since February 2017, when she joined the Winter court. Initially she was a bit of a recluse, deep in thoughts about her life and what path it was to take now. Eventually she opened up to aiding other Lost who had fled their durance, and took on the position as a Provider, aiding newly arrived lost to establish themselves in the freehold and setting them up with basic lodgings in the city.

Shortly after the Winter King died and was succeeded by his wife, the current Winter queen, Gabriella stepped out of her comfort zone in the freehold and decided to engage more actively in mortal society while also approaching the Spring court more closely. At the same time as she swore an oath of allegiance to the Spring court, she also moved in the real world to take her fetch's place. What exactly happened to her fetch is to this day unknown as Gabriella has shown no interest in talking about it.

As she took up her position in the spring court, she's spent a lot of time trying to make everyday life for the members of the Freehold joyous. Be it hosting parties to celebrate victories or even feasts to just take people's mind of the war, if only for a few hours. She's a generally appreciated figure, outgoing and social to most who would approach her.

- You are someone she once helped provide for when they arrived at the freehold.
- You are a Winter courtier, and a former compatriot of hers.
- You are a Spring courtier, and has spent time with her arranging festivities.

Bottomless appetite (Anyone/Everyone. Especially you)

Gabriella enjoys all that life has to offer. If it is possible to desire it, then so she does, and even if she doesn't. she has a way of sniffing out those who do, and then help them attain it. As such she can be found to spend her morning in the arms of lovers, male, female or anything in between, her lunches dining at the fanciest of restaurants, her evenings spent drinking fantastical wines and her nights in the company of those with yearning needs.

The longer time she spends sating a specific desire, the more she will wish to consume it, and the more intent she will become at inviting others to participate. If Gabriella hosts a party, it will be one to remember.

- You are one of the many lovers, either a one-off or someone recurring. Sex is a buffet and you're looking like a snack~
- You are a skilled chef and Gabriella loves your dishes.
- You're a party animal and you know there's no wilder night than those at Gabriella's place!

Dreams of the durance (Changelings who spent their durance with King Jaromir)

Gabriella spent her durance with the elusive, charming and cruel king Jaromir. While she does not speak of her time there with many people, she does seek out others who spent time in his realm. Perhaps Gabriella and you share memories of what happened in there?

- You spent time in Jaromir's realm but never shared time together with Gabriella. Still, your time there works as a bond, as you both know how the other suffered.
- You met Gabriella in there and you have vivid memories of the experience. PM for more details...

Seedy underbelly (Crime)

Gabriella has strings in the Italian mob through her husband, Antonio Marina, an underboss of one of the larger families of the city. Ever since her re-entry to mortal life, she's done her best to reassert herself. She's muscled her way into mob-meetings, leaning on her husband as an entry-key. Some have muttered that this has made Antonio seem weak and a push-over. Some of these people have gone missing and never been heard of again...

Gabriella does her absolute utmost to keep this part of her life separated from her image in the freehold or in just general public life, for natural reasons, but sometimes there's a slip when different parts of your life flow together to form a river.

- You're tight on cash. No problem. Moma's got a job for you...
- You're in organized crime. You're either a rival or an ally. Make your choice.
- You need something illegal. If Gabriella don't have it on her, she can probably fix it for you. For a price.

Poca Palermo (Nightlife)

In New York there's a bar and a restaurant called Poca Palermo. It's nothing special really, and sits confidently in the 'an okay restaurant'-tier. Not too pricey and not very fancy, with a focus on Italian dishes and wines. The front area is open to the public at normal restaurant hours, but through a discreet entrance near the back, one can reach the rear area of the building. Back here one can find an illegal brothel and gambling den, doing its best to fulfill the vices and desires of the dark city's many inhabitants.

Gabriella isn't the official owner, but she is the head of operations there and runs a tight enough ship. The mood is organized enough and acts of violence gets you barred.

- If you are looking for a decent enough bar and pub, the opening hours are on the door. Perhaps you're not there as a visitor, but rather looking for a job? You probably met Gabriella one way or another either way.
- In the back there's room for dice and cards. You like gambling? It's illegal, but that isn't going to stop you is it? The house plays to win and offers rough odds, but what house doesn't?
- Many desires can be fulfilled with a simple transaction in cash. Patron? Employee? Gabriella likes to keep her eyes on them either way.

Allies, contacts, retainers and rivals

Beatrice Westbrook

Beatrice isn't reliable to most, but she is to me. When I need the odd job done, I can always rely on her being out of cash and needing an outlet. That's why we work so well together.

Saoirse Hobfriend

You might look at Saoirse and assume we have a business relationship. We do, that is a given, but it is first and foremost a friendship. I would advise against mistaking her sweetness for weakness.

Chester Harrington

Each time I think that he has said something brilliant, he follows it up by commenting how I hold my spoon. Something about him grinds me the wrong way. Maybe I just need to... just once, to get it out of my system? Hmmm...

Moira Reverie

Moira is an odd little bird that flew in from afar, but she did what I asked of her. And not only that, it turns out she was quite a lot of fun. I look forward to seeing where this relationship will go...


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