Flushing Warehouse Market

From Dark City

Flushing Warehouse Market
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“Making money is much more difficult than spending money.”

He Junwei (Alex) blatantly ripping off Jack Ma


Initially a sizable and defunct empty warehouse in March 2021, the property was bought up and has undergone quite the refurbishment process, and now acts as a marketplace that draws sizable crowds. Stalls have clearly been aggressively priced to undercut competition, as it’s managed to draw some vendors from other similar markets, and certainly allowed other entrepreneurs who may not have been able to afford slots at other facilities a chance to set up shop.


The main entrances for the building are to the east and the west, leading directly into the ‘Dry’ and ‘Wet’ markets, to the north and south are smaller, but still easily accessible doors which result in direct entrance to the food court area. There are a couple of other doors north of the wet market and south of the dry market that appear to be permanently closed. The place has clearly been designed to emulate the feeling of a traditional street and night market of Hong Kong, with narrow pathways between stalls, that result in a consistent ‘bustling’ sensation. Due to being inside a building, the internals in places are quite fanciful, and things like rugs can act as semi permanent walls without fear of needing to be taken down. This leads to parts of the market feeling like a warren, in places easy to feel lost.

The site has been divided into several sections, with the most eastern half of the building being entirely for ‘dry’ goods and products, be that toys, ornaments, clothing or even computer parts.

Neighbouring and central section is the ‘Food Court’ styled area, almost a quarter of the building is dedicated to stalls selling food from nationalities representative of almost the entire asian continent, going as far west as to include a Turkish stall and even a Cypriot stall, as well as more instantly recognisable and indeed expected dishes from this kind of place. There’s also a hot dog stall, just in case anyone has started to miss New York during their visit.

The final quarter on the most western side of the building is a ‘wet’ market, attracting all manner of vendors, ‘fresh’ fish and meat products along with all your possible vegetable needs.

Black Market

(Criminal Status 2+ or Criminal Allies 2+ Required)

If you head to the right little stall, or adjust just the right piece of hanging rug acting as a wall, you can find yourself going down a corridor, or up a flight of stairs. Head far enough down that corridor, and you’ll run into a gentleman or two who will stop you from entering the ‘staff only’ area of the building.

Beyond them lies a modest black market, a prime place to pick up a knock off or entirely authentic but stolen watch. More importantly though it acts as a staging post for bigger deals. Need a gun or two, maybe a few kg’s of the drug you’ve found is easiest to sell? There’s a representative there who's willing to broker that for you, provided you’ve got cash for a deposit now. By sheer force of will (and the willingness to use violence), the Triad who run this market, ensure that deals are kept.

Lair of the Markets Dragon King

(Criminal Status 2+ to know of the criminal purpose / owner of the penthouse, the fact there is a residence up here is obvious even from the outside)

Above the market sits a converted Penthouse and home of the market's owner He Junwei (Alex), it’s a sizable place that acts as both his private residence and at least in part a party pad for his gang and associates.


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