Fenton Haywood

From Dark City

Fenton Haywood
OccupationTrauma Nurse
TribeStorm Lords
StatusActive PC



Wavy brown hair kept short and brown eyes that should be soulful but read as cold, Fenton's face is a mask of displeasure more often than not. His lips are kept into a tight expression, always on the border of turning into a full-on frown. A lean build on a tall frame, Fenton carries himself with a surety of self, of movement, that comes off as intimidating. More often than not, practicality beats fashion when it comes to wardrobe and it isn't uncommon to find the man in dark green or blue scrubs.


Big, bad, and wolf have all been adjectives - and nouns - used to describe Fenton in his canine forms. His form turns muscular but agile, bred for the hunt. His fur his a dark grey that blends into most surroundings, dark eyes often trained on the prey. More disturbing, however, for the Uratha, are those moments when Fenton's fur meets moonlight and begins to light with a silver gleam - the Chosen of Hathis-Ur, patron of the Ivory Claws, bears the great spirit's mark.

RP Hooks

Bedside Manner: Fenton works as a trauma nurse at New York Presbyterian. He's not known for his great bedside manner, and he's often assigned the most unruly patients and the cases that the other nurses say are trouble. Somehow he manages to keep them under control. He's also first to call dibs on the patients, and situations, that defy logic, quick to block the medical field to exposure to something they might not understand.

Tourist Trap: It's probably obvious from Fenton's deep Georgia accent, but he's not a native New Yorker. The places, and activities, that natives few as trite and might not be caught dead at are the things that seem to draw the Iminir. While he might be in the background, scowling, and not seeming to enjoy himself at all, it's a good way to find the Rahu.

Ivory Tower: Word travels fast among certain parts of the People and it doesn't take much digging to find a scandal. Speaking of, rumor has it that Fenton carries deep familial relations with the Pure, specifically the Ivory Claws. Surely he's made his dues among the Urdaga, but it's hard not to question loyalties when he carries the visage of Hathis-Ur.



Kathryn Sanders: Fenton's boss, literally, when it comes to the medical field, Fenton has found himself working closely under the trauma surgeon. There's no denying the respect that the Rahu shows the Wolf-Blooded both on the job and off: the werewolf often defers to Kathryn's judgment in terms of the medical field and is quick to hear her out on every other situation.

Robert Chalmers: While Fenton doesn't ever participate, he's there at almost every open mic night that Raconteur performs at. He's also there when the man shows up bloodied and bruised, often looking the same, and often suffering wounds inflicted by the other. Raconteur might even be one of the few in New York able to say he's cracked a smile from the sullen Iminir.


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