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Feng so Yun/Introduction

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RP Hooks
Establishing a Pack / Lodge
Having just arrived in New York and ensured his Dojo has been established he is now getting ready to establish a pack with those who have the same ideals as him.

Finding a training partner(s)
Being new to the city he has opened up his Dojo for prospecting students but also for others to step in and test their mettle against him, earn his respect. Showing promise and willing to step up could learn to the option of a sparring partner and allowing training to happen.

Create a Fetish (long term goal)

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Feng so Yun

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Full Name: Feng so Yun
Occupation: Dojo owner, Trainer
Age: 35
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: brown
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 85kg / 170pounds
Distinct Features:

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Played By: Pilgrim