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Note: This plot is intended for the Vampire sphere. That doesn't mean that other people can't potentially get involved, especially if someone reaches out to them, but please try to leave the focus of the plot for Vampire characters.


Sarx claims to have received a vision from the Goddess Nemesis. He has gathered the faithful to deliver her vengeance.


  • The Forest revealed more questions than answers and the Office Complex came with revelations but not what they were hoping for. The Acolytes feel that they have dealt a blow to sate Goddess Nemesis, but they still don't know the importance of the Forest.

IC Rumors

  • Sarx has been putting out feelers for kindred with a flexible stance on the masquerade.
  • Eris and Aisling uncovered evidence suggesting that the survey work in the forest is being done by people familiar with hunting vampires (carrying wooden stakes) and may be an attempt to locate a haven or other Kindred property underground.
  • Eris got the fake US Marshall's death on camera in case there's any way to ascertain his identity.
  • Aisling positively identified the tablet as a suicide tab, a little too late as the kine also had one in a tooth in his mouth. Whoever they are they were willing do die for the cause.

Plot Details So Far

  • Father Sarx's vision from the Goddess Nemesis led him, Aisling Walsh, and Eris Voltaire to the southwest corner of Forest Park to let the construction outfit, Community Construction, know that they were unwelcome. After some light breaking and entering, Aisling and Eris discovered documents that showed Community Construction had permits for surveying the area for light landscaping and renovation after earthquakes. Aisling pocketed the permits as proof.
  • However, they came across heavy machinery, much too heavy for the scope of work, that was already in use - no mere survey project. A man in tactical gear with a fake US Marshall's badge was on guard and shot at the pair, but killed himself with a poison tooth before they could question him.
  • The covert operative was carrying several clues that things aren't as they seem: the fake marshall's badge, a cyanide tablet, lots of spare ammo, a wooden stake, and a map of the so-called survey area, with areas shaded-in, others crossed out, and some with question marks.
  • Moira Reverie and Isidore De Morsier investigated the office complex that Community Construction operates out of.
    • Moira found blood inside an alarm box while she was disabling it. Auspex revealed that it was placed there by a woman during the day - the same woman that Quinn identified as setting traps at Stonko's house. It was as though she was performing Cruac.
    • Upon entering the office, Moira's obfuscation was shattered and sniper fire unloaded into the building. One office worker who pretended to be sleeping was able to use Nightmare on her with great success.
    • Isidore was able to dispatch the sniper and wound the 'office worker', but the pair retreated before they were able to investigate further.
    • The office complex that Moira and Isidore had attempted to investigate was burned to the ground before the morning came after they retreated from it.

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Unless the players pursue what leads they have, this mystery may never be solved.

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