From Dark City


This is an evolving document!

Are you open?

Yes, we are in live alpha. Open for play!

What can I play?

Right now, available for play:

  • Mortal
  • Mortal+
  • Sin-Eater
  • Werewolf
  • Wolf-Blooded
  • Vampire
  • Changeling
  • Fae-Touched

We do not allow antagonistic concepts. You can't be Hunter-adjacent.

What systems are we using?

Chronicles of Darkness Second Edition. Our Books list covers the books we have reviewed and are using. As books come out, we'll review them and decide what, if any, content we will include.

Are you going to add {Sphere}?


Can I invite people?

Please do!

Are you going to allow custom things?

The policies for this will vary from sphere to sphere. Please check your sphere page or ask the TL!

What sheets are you using?

These are linked on the Main Page

The wiki disagrees with the books!

Then the wiki is right.

This House Rule isn't on the wiki!

Then it isn't an actual House Rule until it's on the wiki, although do check the Rules section for rules clarifications; your question might be answered there as well.

How many Downtime Actions can I make in a week?


Do you need more Staff?

Usually, yes! Open a ticket.

Can I pose a supernatural NPC?

Supernatural NPCs may be approved as part of a pre-approved PRP. They are not to be posed outside of these instances.

Can my PC die?

They can. The World of Darkness is violent. By playing here, you acknowledge that character death could very well happen. PCs die. This isn't something done indiscriminately, because we all know how much time and effort we put into our characters.


What books do I need to play?

Core and WTF 2e, at minimum, though we recommend Hurt Locker and The Pack as well. Check our Books policy page for the full list of books allowed on Dark City.

How do I connect with other players?

Check our Werewolf Sphere Hooks page to see the venue's hooks all in one place.

Can players Storytell?

Sure! We encourage this and it's really valuable in Werewolf in particular. Take a look at our Player Run Plot guidelines and open a Werewolf ticket!

Can I play werewolf/wolf-blooded NPCs?

We'd prefer if you don't. The number of werewolves in NYC is very small.

Can I create a custom rite/Fetish/Tell/Lodge?

Yes. Please see the House Rules for links to all the approval templates.

Can I start a pack?

You certainly may. Packs that are recruiting are listed here, and you're encouraged to post yours if you're recruiting as well!

How does my pack claim a locus?

There are several unclaimed loci on grid, as well as others that have been claimed by Forsaken PCs or NPCs. If you want to claim one, open a ticket.

==How do we create pack totems? Follow the instructions in the WtF 2e book and the Pack, and use the Pack Composite Sheet here.

Can non-staffers storytell/NPC spirits for me?

Yes, but spirits of Rank 3 or higher require approval in advance.

Do I need a deed-name?