Evie Belrose

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Description: Average height and a slim build, Evangeline "Evie" Belrose has slightly dark skin and shorter hair. She wears casual clothes whenever not at work, and when she is in her workshop, Evie sports an outfit of denim overalls and a dark long-sleeve top. On the motorbike, she wears full leather and kevlar protection and a closed-face helmet

Personality: Evie is relentlessly optimistic. She has never looked at a vehicle in her workshop and thought it unsaveable, even with the most uncaring owners. When it comes to the customers who would insult or attack her, they don't faze her, as she moves on from the experience with a spring in her step. When she is out looking for ghosts, she doesn't fear the dark or the bugs and bats lurking there, instead looking to the search with fascination and a keenness for discovery.
Behind this façade, however, Evie is well aware of her mortality and the horror that is the Underworld. When she engages with either of these aspects of her new life, she often takes on a colder demeanour, one filled with determination to change or overcome what she is presented with. Even so, dread looms over her throughout the ordeal.

The Geist - Contemplation: Contemplation is calm, tall, and lean, with rounded glasses and no hair. Their mouth is sealed shut, without any sign of even having a mouth to speak with, and their eyes are empty and dark, showing only a void behind the glasses. They wear plain clothes that appear just one size too large, hanging slightly loose around their body.

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RP Hooks
Searching for Answers: Evie spends many free evenings looking up local ghost stories and investigating any "haunted places" she can find. Every time, she tries to find new information about herself, her Geist, the other local Bound, ghosts, and the Underworld.

Never Looking Back: Since her death, Evie hasn't contacted anyone from her past. Family, friends, many of them probably think she died given the lack of any contact. Instead, she is only looking to her future and what she can achieve here in NYC, and who can help her reach her goals.

Masterful Handiwork: Even if she isn't extremely well known, it's hard to deny that Evie is extremely capable with automotive repair and improvement. She can rip a car apart and put it together again in record speed, and can enhance a vehicle for nearly any purpose, given the time. All of this goes on in her small garage, Belrose Motors.

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Evie Belrose
Evie Belrose

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AGE: 25

CONCEPT: Mechanical marvel

Automotive Genius
Heavily-enhanced motorcycle

BURDEN: The Abiding

ARCHETYPE: The Mourners



AURA RANGE: 30 yards


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Played By: Dootboi