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Stats: 6'3", 160 lbs, lanky and thin.

Description: Eva has somewhat of a mousy demeanor, as if constantly trying to be smaller than her abnormally (but not unnaturally) tall height. Her sharp face can be scary when looking down on someone, but she tends to go out of her way to avoid that as much as possible. She doesn't look the part of a predator, despite ostensibly being one.

Personality: Eva is a mixture of sardonic jokes, intense scientific hyperfixations, and thinly-veiled panic. She tends to wear her heart on her sleeve, regardless of which of her three general moods is currently claiming her. When working on a project for the Ordo Dracul, she pursues it with a single-minded intensity that borders on self-harm, but she's otherwise strangely personable for a mad scientist.

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RP Hooks
  • Lost Doctor (Science): Evangelia is a neuroscientist of some small renown, at least for people interested in the field. Her work on brain mapping, neural circuits, and computational neurology has been cited in many papers in the field, and used by medical professionals to help develop robotic prosthetics. However, she seemed to suddenly stop publishing a few years back. (It turns out Vampires don't really use their brains for much.)
  • The Fleshwarper (Vampire): Evangelia is something not quite vampire. A fusion of undead curse and shapeshifting flesh, she is a Chimerical Kindred and seemingly proud of it. Though she looks quite normal in public, get her somewhere the Masquerade isn't a problem and she'll quickly melt into a horrifying Cronenberg monstrosity of hunger and flesh. She insists it's "more comfortable." She's presumably not talking about anyone else's comfort.
  • Rising Neonate (Ordo Dracul): Evangelia does her research, and research is what the Ordo Dracul is all about. She's dabbled in every coil, including the sometimes-forbidden Ziva, going so far as to have published a scientific work on the subject, which she titled Treatise on Apostasy. She seems to quite like sticking her fingers into every pie, clawing desperately to prove her worth in every way she can. And, slowly, this actually seems to be working.
  • Gotta Stay Sane Somehow: (General) Evangelia tends to make time to wander around places devoid of other Kindred, for no reason other than to remind herself that such places exist. She's actively curious about both humans and non-vampire supernaturals, and regularly takes risks to try and interact with them. She takes jogs through parks and edges of Vampire territory, hoping for chance encounters. She frequents night clubs despite having no interest in them. She'll often visit mundane public areas like museums for as long as they stay open after dark. She knows The Masquerade must remain intact, but surely no one will figure her out after just a bit of fraternization...?

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Evangelia Baker
Evevangelia Portrait.png

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Apparent Age: 20s

Pronouns: She/Her

Public Effects:

  • Ordo Dracul Status 2
  • Carthian Status 1
  • Languages: English
  • Presence 3
  • Sympathetic

Clan: Mekhet

Bloodline: Chimera

Covenant: Ordo Dracul, Carthian

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Played By: User:Thundamoo