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A fashion designer who runs her own business, people may know Estrella online as the one who made that viral bone dress or offline as the face always present in the nightlife of New York City.

Appearance: Estrella is a white Mexican-American with brown hair, fair skin and brown eyes. She has a slender build. A noticable feature is that her eyes are heavy-lidded, giving her kind of a resting sleepy face.

Estrella recently had a week-long stay at a Manhattan hospital following an undisclosed incident.

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RP Hooks
• Parsons Alumna: Estrella is well-known in the NYC fashion scene and the online community, the success of her own work bolstered by her mother's status as a senior editor.

• UrbEx: Estrella is heavily into the hobby of urban exploration, and shows up in all kinds of places she shouldn't be.

• The Girl in the Bar Bathroom: Whether with friends or alone, on most nights she can be found in one of the many bars or clubs in New York City (or a taco truck, if it's that kind of night). She's always eager to chat.

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Estrella Velázquez

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Pronouns: She/Her

Age: 24

Height: 6'0"

Public Effects:

  • Striking Looks 2 [Cute]
  • Status: Arts & Enterainment 1
  • Fame [IG Fashionista] 2

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Played By: Anathema