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"There's nowhere to run on Earth that's out of the moon's sight. I fucking wish there was, though."
Appearance: Estrella is a white Mexican-American with brown hair, fair skin and brown eyes. She has a slender build. A noticable feature is that her eyes are heavy-lidded, giving her kind of a resting sleepy face. There is a long scar inside her left hand.

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RP Hooks
Parsons Alumna

Estrella is well-known in the fashion scene and social media, owner of her self-titled brand Estrella Velázquez Collection. Her mother, Natalie Velázquez, is a senior fashion editor.


Estrella can make anything from clothes to weapons and armor.

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  • "The Heart of Hesperides" - Lex
  • "What a darling creature." - Lorilie Days
  • "Never for a moment do I doubt she has immeasurable strength." - Maddie Wesson
  • "We've been through a lot together, entering into this world. She's shown the People her cleverness and insight." - Sean Sullivan

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Deeds & Rumors


Weeks into becoming Urugarum, Estrella became co-Captain of Control in the war against the Asah Gadar, contributing to efforts, and survived imprisonment along with Lena Navarre and Lex Delune.


Following Sam Garguilo's Claiming by the Helion First Light, Estrella volunteered her house for the exorcism and was injured as it fled.


Despite discovering she wasn't responsible, Estrella made partial reparations for the Oath violation that took place in the March of 2022.


Discovered and mapped a previously unknown network of tunnels at Track 61.


💔 After a painful fallout with the Hesperides, Estrella is packless.

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Estrella Velázquez

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Pronouns: She/Her

Age: 24

Height: 6'0"

Public Effects:

  • Striking Looks 2 [Cute]
  • Status: Arts & Entertainment 1
  • Fame [IG Fashionista] 2
  • Kamduis-Ur's Blood


  • Waystone
  • Horse
  • Tongues



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Played By: Anathema