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Strikingly beautiful, with an almost sylphlike delicacy of her features, this lean young woman is so lovely that most people don't even notice the dried blood that's nearly always found under her fingernails with their chipped, black polish. Eris has fair skin that gains a peachy flush across her cheeks and the bridge of her nose under the effects of Blush of Life, with pale blonde hair and blue-green eyes like clear aquamarine. She moves with leonine grace and carries herself with an effortless, loose-limbed confidence. Her style tends towards early 90s grunge, but somehow on her it always looks chic and appealing. She is always wearing a pendant of woven metal with a raven feather woven through it.

She's unpredictable, with a slightly feral edge. Her smile is too toothy, her gaze a little too predatory, but Eris is generally good-natured as long as you aren't prey or enemy. She usually seems to be having fun and if she isn't, she isn't shy about making that fact known unless there's a very, very good reason. One thing that is constant is that if you ever see Eris and Amahle together, Eris is following the Primogen like a faithful hound and hanging on her every word.

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RP Hooks
Beautiful Berserker (anyone): She's a lovely girl with a penchant for savagery. She's like a tornado full of cactuses - unpredictable, destructive and even the eye of the storm isn't pleasant. Best not to get between her and those she's chosen as her own. Whatever is broken inside of her, it left a well of violence roiling close to the surface.

We're All Mad Here (anyone): The girl ain't right. But if you like spontaneity, you've come to the right madwoman! There's something broken about Eris, but it's utterly free. She's uninhibited and tends to make her own fun wherever she is. If your kind of fun aligns with hers, come take a walk on the wild side!

Loyalty Unto Death (Crones): She's pledged her loyalty and she'll skip merrily into final death to uphold it. Any Acolyte is welcome to her protection, and she'd sacrifice everything for the coven and smile. But if she's going down, she's damn well bringing down any threats with her.

Wild Eyes and Pretty Lies (anyone): Eris isn't shy about expressing her disdain for the trappings of organized religion. Something about the acidity with which she speaks about it suggests it's deep-rooted and very personal. Instead, she's dedicated herself to the wilder forces in the world: to the Occult and the peculiar witchcraft of the Blood.

Lean on Me (anyone): Eris, under pseudonym Lorelai Chase, is a regular at a number of nighttime human support groups around the city, but she's adopted her Sunday Night Narcotics Anonymous Group as her very own. Among them, she's known as a hot-head but a surprisingly good listener, very astute at helping others uncover the deepest reaches of their emotions.

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Eris Voltaire
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The Masquerade

Real Age: 48
Apparent Age: 20s
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 141
Build: Lissome
Concept: Maenad Fanatic
Profession: Neophyte Ritualist
Public Effects: Striking Looks 2 (captivating), City Status 2, Crone Status 1, Blood Potency 2
Alternate Identity: Lorelai Chase, Narcotics Anonymous group leader

The Danse Macabre

Clan: Daeva
Bloodline: Nelapsi
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
Mask: Rebel
Dirge: Follower
Title: Hero, Valkyrja Coterie: Umbra

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Played By: Kitzilla