Erik Hill

From Dark City

Erik Hill
ConceptCommunity Backbone
Player NameYoGrendel
TemplateSleep Walker
StatusActive NPC


A large personality in a small town, Erik once had a family in Jericho. During his second tour in Afghanistan his house caught fire and the blaze claimed his wife and daughter. He returned to Jericho a broken man, but with the aid of the his community and a Veterans PTSD support group run by Dr. Laura Thompson he has returned to the bright personality he used to be. Now he's the first to volunteer at community events, coaches the middle school baseball team, and dresses up as Santa every year (despite some more small-minded protests about Santa's ethnicity, which are quickly shouted down). Erik can be heard before he's seen, always, but it's always sure to bring some joy to the person who finds him.


Laura Thompson - Pass the aux, doc.


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