Erica Channing

From Dark City

Erica Channing, aka Ricky
Erica Channing.jpeg
BirthdateSeptember 18, 1984
EyesSky Blue
ConceptFilm Student Drop Out
Played ByCaroline Dhavernas
Player NameJJ
SphereMortal+ (Special)
StatusActive NPC


Erica Channing is an extremely intelligent and friendly girl next door. At 5'5, she sports casual attire, often aiming for jeans and a pony tail. Her sharp blue eyes give undivided attention and its rare she's without a smile.


The girl next door who left for film school and came home to be a farmer. Gone for roughly 11 years, Erica came back last fall and took over the family farm. Her brief stint in LA as a writer ended with little fanfare. Returning home to Jericho hasn't issued a peep of complaint, she only says she's happy to be home.

RP Hooks

  • THE FAMILY FARM: Her parents slipped into retirement for reals last spring and since Erica has taken over. The farm produces mostly lettuces and root vegetables all of which she peddles at the local farmer's market. This is her first season and she's taking to it nicely.
  • FILM SCHOOL, WRITING: A high school star for her talent in storytelling, her time away was always said to be a huge success. So many people were so proud of her and never expected her return to be permanent. She doesn't talk much about why she's come back, though for those who followed her on social media, there was briefly a status changed from Single to Engaged to Not Looking.
  • MOVIE NIGHTS: The old barn doesn't get much use these days, so she's set it up for a social movie night. A projector hits against the largest side, speakers hidden in the grass throughout. She's a fan of classic black and whites and horror.