Eric Schmidt

From Dark City

Eric Schmidt
Eric Schmidt.jpeg
BirthdateDecember 21, 1992
Height6' 0"
OccupationLuxidine Firmware Developer
ConceptTalented Corporate Lackey
Played ByDaniel Henney
Player NameKamitruppe
Local GroupsLuxidine
StatusActive PC


Eric stands at 6 feet tall and typically weighs around 160 lbs. He has a wiry physique due to his love of running, but isn't particularly strong due to his lack of interest in strength training. His eyes are dark brown and he keeps his black hair in a clean-cut and professional style. Eric is almost always seen wearing a collared shirt and slacks, regardless of whether he is at work or in town.

Eric is typically quiet and reserved around strangers but opens up and feels more comfortable around his friends and colleagues. He is passionate about his interests and hobbies, which include computers, running, and firearms. Despite his timid appearance, he is a motivated and driven employee at Luxidine and strives to continuously grow his skillset and climb the corporate ladder.


Eric was born on December 21, 1992 in Charlotte, NC to a German father and a Chinese-American mother. His father worked for Luxidine for the majority of his career before recently retiring and was friends and colleagues with Viktor Muller’s father. Throughout his childhood, Eric focused on his studies and was consistently at the top of his class. He had a small group of academically-focused friends growing up and was unfortunately regularly bullied for both his German and Chinese heritage by other children. He made more friends in his late teens and early 20s through his two main extra-curricular hobbies: running track and shooting at the range. He went to university in 2011 at UNC Chapel Hill and received both a bachelors and a masters degree in Computer Engineering by 2016.

Eric used his father's connections to help get his first job out of university at Luxidine, and over the years he received multiple promotions due to his talent and work ethic. He was recently promoted to lead firmware developer and reassigned to the new Jericho site. Eric is hoping to use this opportunity to impress Viktor and get a good review and bonus for the year.

RP Hooks

Luxidine: Eric is the lead firmware developer at the new Luxidine site in Jericho. Although he is not yet a manager himself, if you have skills around computers or programming and want a job at Luxidine, Eric might be able to put in a good word for you. If you already work at Luxidine, Eric is always happy to discuss the latest projects you've been working on or talk about any corporate rumors that you might have heard. If you don't like Luxidine's presence here in Jericho...well, maybe you just don't appreciate all the opportunities we present to you all.

Hackerman: Eric may specialize in firmware, but he is proficient in many fields of software and computing. Do you need your computer fixed or modified? Are strange things happening when you're surfing the web in the darkest hours of the night? Are you trying to access files that you perhaps...don't currently have permissions for? You may be able to convince Eric to help you out if you can give him a good enough reason to do so. All off company time and off the record though, of course.

Running and Gunning: Eric's favorite hobbies are running and shooting his handgun at the company range (not at the same time). While he mostly does these activities on his own or with colleagues nowadays, he is open to meeting locals in Jericho that share his passions. Maybe having common interests will be a nice way to help Eric get over the sense of superiority that he feels over these "simple" locals.