Elspeth Morrow

From Dark City

Description: Elspeth is a slight woman, small of frame and short of height at 5'2 and 110lbs. One could see she'd likely break easily given a good shove. With soft pink hair, fair skin, and a tiny British accent that has lessened over many years. Soft spoken and otherworldly. Something is off about her, though it's strangely all the more intriguing.


Information: Elspeth is known to the public as a simple plant shop owner: Khonsu's Botanicals. Among the Underworld she has an entirely different set of offerings. She calls herself a Dark Traveler and says her mission is to heal those that would walk under the moon. With plants, herbs, elixirs, or even a healing touch... she's been said to work miracles.

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RP Hooks
  • House Plants - Stop by Khonsu Botanicals and pick up something to freshen your home.
  • Poison - For those who know their plants, many of the potted varieties in Elspeth's shop are rare and poisonous. These ones are not for sale to the general public, but she has been known to sell them to those who are aware of their true properties.
  • Healer - It's not just poison she deals in. If one asks, Elspeth will tell you she's a healer of an ancient order, but usually the information stops there.

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Khonsu's Botanicals

The shop isn't on a main strip, in fact it's actual entrance is located at the back of an alley in Brooklyn. While some would consider it a hipster vibe, with concrete, glass, and grey bricks it really had more to do with being cheap when she first arrived in the city. What little aesthetic the space had was quickly covered with overgrowing plants, that crowd the walls and tables and walkways. Stepping into the shop one is greeted with a thick jungle like feel as moisture is heavy in the air and its kept at optimal temperatures. The smell of vibrant greenery is inescapable.

A small sign reads: Do not touch plants. Many will harm you. :)

The shop is open 5 days a week, closed on Friday and Saturday.

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Elspeth Morrow


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AGE: 23
CONCEPT: Dark Botonist
  • Status 2 (Criminal Healer)
  • Presence 4
  • Retainer 5 (Adom: A bodyguard with her at all times.)

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AGE: 30
CONCEPT: Bodyguard
  • Retainer 5

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Played By: JJ