Elizabeth Sage

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Meet Elizabeth Sage (Ellie).

She grew up in the beautiful area of Palm Springs, California. Her family had another home in Inverness, Scotland (just off the River Ness) where they would spend many vacations. Spending all that time in Northern Scotland she picked up the language of the locals, Scottish Gaelic. She enjoys nature photography and spending as much time as she can in the beautiful, mystical outdoors.

Always did she have a fascination with these places, so much so that she began learning about their myths and stories. Of the fairies that lingered in the glen, gnomes and giants who roamed the mountains, and the merfolk and kelpies that lived beneath the waves. While she grew up believing that she was human, she always knew that there was more out there... she just didn't know how much there was. She was always a bit awkward with others, as they did not have the same beliefs or imagination that she did.

She went to college at Berkeley in California, and studied folklore. Folklore is her passion, and of course what she got her Masters in (making it her specialty). She doesn't speak much of her parents, as they are quite the sore subject. They were always loving, but her adoptive parents always thought her a bit weird and eccentric. After the death of her parents and her change to werewolf, she fled from the beautiful west coast of the United States to the east coast. She finally settled in the bustling city of New York. It is the exact opposite of where she grew up. So very grey, with the smells of the city and the hustle and bustle of life, but its parks and coast line were the best distraction. Well, and of course the New York Library.

A place where she spends her time reading new books, researching new Folklore topics, and just enjoying the ambiance of the beautiful building. About a week after her escape to NYC, she got a job as a Librarian at the library as well as an apartment where she could hide when the thoughts and memories of her parents became too much.

Appearance: Ellie is always found in more conservative clothing. She favors button down shirts above all others, and the hem of her bottoms either hit the bottom of the knee or are longer. On these button down shirts, there are two ways you will find her wearing them. When relaxing with others or on a night out the top two buttons are undone, at any other time they will be buttoned to the top. Any other type of shirt is worn with a high neck, maybe exposing and inch or so from the collarbone at most. There is in fact a reason for her choice of dress, but those reasons are completely private. Fabric isn't the most important thing to her, however she greatly prefers opaque fabrics to all others.

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RP Hooks
  • Folklorist - Always had a fascination with the mystical and fantastic world of folklore. Grew up believing that there was more to the world than the simple mundane of the day to day life. Went to Berkeley and has a masters degree in folklore.
  • California Refugee - Grew up in Palm Springs California. Dealt with quite a few wild fires growing up. Absolutely in love with the California coast line as well as the Redwoods of Northern California.
  • Bookworm - Spent a lot of her young and adult life reading stories. Mostly Scifi and Fantasy. Fueled her love of folklore.

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Elizabeth Sage Photography:

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Elizabeth Sage

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AGE: 25

RENOWN: Honor Dot-filled.png
WisdomDot-filled.png Dot-filled.png

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AUSPICE: Ithaeur
TRIBE: Bone Shadow
BONE: Confidant
BLOOD: Soldier
PACK: None

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