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The Pursuit of Knowledge is more Valuable than its Possession - Albert Einstein

Do you ever wish you could just know more about the world around you? That there's secrets just around the corner, and if only you could get to that corner before it hides again? Well now I'm catching those secrets, and now there's more to find.

Elisa grew up outside the city, and at 19 she and her twin, Isa, packed up in the back of Elisa's truck, waved goodbye with a certain gesture, and never saw home again, and neither regret it. Both have come far, Elisa is now a Synthetic Chemist, and Isa is an English Teacher. And they don't trust anyone else more in the world...well except maybe Esquire.

Early in 2022, Elisa caught the attention of Joanna Kennedy, and was embraced to preserve that curiosity and dedication to her work. She has followed her Sire's footsteps into Ordo Dracul, but still struggles with her recent loss of mortality. With her sister so close, and so recently Embraced, Elisa is still finding the balance between blending in and being a blood sucking vampire.

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RP Hooks
Science Enthusiast (Anyone) - Elisa loves science, and loves knowing more. Have an interesting fact? She would love to hear it and probably has 4 more to give you in trade. In addition, if you have a question she might just have an answer.

Researcher (Anyone, Primarily Kindred) - Elisa knows how to find things. If she doesn't know something off the top of her head, to the books and internet she goes. She is not easily deterred by setbacks, and that makes her reliable.

Newly Sired (Kindred) Elisa has only been in the Kindred for the last few months, and has largely laid low to learn the basics and establish herself within the less alive research groups of the city.

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Elisa Reyes
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Clan: Ventrue

Covenant: Ordo Dracul (Status •)
Title:Scholar of the Royal Curse
Bloodline: N/A
Coterie: N/A
Pronouns: She/They
Real Age: 30
Apparent Age: 30
Birthday: November 12, 1991
Height: 5'8"
Profession: Synthetic Chemist
Public Effects:

  • Intelligence 5
  • Resolve 5
  • Language (ASL)
  • Striking Looks (Smart)
  • Status (City) •

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Played By: User:LavAbsol