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Appearance: The years have obviously been hard on Eli, his skin is weathered and the wrinkles around his eyes and around the white beard show that he has had a long journey. His features betray his Native ancestry despite the blue eyes and somewhat pale complexion. His attire is always for the occasion at the moment. He does know how to impress.

Personality: Quick with a smile and a friendly demeanor, he does maintain a posture of dominance, there is something beneath the surface.

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RP Hooks
  • You Need Blood, I Have More Than Enough: A service that Dr Dupree provides the Kindred of New York is access to his sizable reserve of bagged blood collected by his Donation Busses. This service while generous is not free, you are expected to repay what you took either in replacment or favors. (Kindred Hook)
  • After Hours Physician: Dr Honeycutt is a semi retired physician that still maintains his license and will make housecalls to provide medical services after hours when you can't get a regular appointment and don't want to go to the ER. (General Hook)
  • Ordo Scientist: As almost any other Dragon, Dr Dupree is always interested in improving himself and looking for ways to make the Kindred Condition more tolerable. (Covenant Hook)

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  • "Dr Dupree has quite good taste in drink and in a good fight. I'm glad to see that all these years later that such good taste has only been refined." - A.G. Silverwood
  • "My good cousin has seen much and clearly risen far. While his allegiance may not fall in the same camp as my own, our core philosophies as stated are still quite compatible. A good conversation to be had." - Leviticus Grove

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Eli Dupree

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AGE (Apparent): 60's
HEIGHT: 5'10
PROFESSION: Physician/Blood Banker

Chairman/CEO of Alliance Medical Plaza(Eli Honeycutt)

PUBLIC EFFECTS: Mortal: Status 2(Medical)
Status 1(Business)
New Identity (Eli Honeycutt)
Professional Training (Doctor)
Vampire: Ordo Dracul 3(Sworn of the Dying Light)
City 4(Primogen/Councilor)

COVENANT: Ordo Dracul (Adept Azure Dragon of The Royal Terror)
CLAN: Gangrel (Kerberos Bloodline)

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Played By: Nbdyhome