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She wipes down the bar for what has to be the hundredth time that night, the dim lighting bouncing off the polished wood, throwing arrows of glare for those unfortunate enough to catch the right angle. Looking up through the haze of smoke with a detached but friendly smile, a woman in her twenties looks on as the live band hops down off the makeshift stage at the back. "'Ey, chico, park it here. Band's gonna be bellyin' up in a second and you don't wanna fight 'em for the space." The expression draws a note of interest, "You're a new face here, what can I get for you? We don't do those fancy brews, no IPA's or craft beers in this joint." Lips twitch briefly into a smile that dies almost before it's fully formed.

"If you're here for Miguel, grab a cerveza and I'll let 'im know you're here. If you're here for the music or beer..." she trails off, giving a speculative once over before letting out a small 'heh'. "Well, we both know you ain't here for that." Elena flips her hair over one shoulder and goes back to wiping down the bar with the patience of Job. She's got all night, the bar isn't going anywhere, and everything else will happen in its own time.

The band reaches the bar, increasing the noise level by a good 30 decibels, drawing her attention as she snaps the towel at the drummer trying to sit on her bar even while reaching for a cluster of frosted mugs. Filling up from the draft, she slings beer out to the band and fends off the not-so-subtle flirtations with a roll of dark eyes. Eyes that flicker back to her other new arrival, keeping an eye out for the signal that's bound to come. And she wipes down the bar once more. All the time in the world.

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RP Hooks
- Witchy Woman (Thaumaturgy/Santeria):
Elena was raised with Santeria as a commonplace happening in the household. Both mother and grandmother are practitioners, and her father knew better than to get between the Ribeiro women and their craft. Elena herself practiced in it, dabbled really, when younger. Taking part in the rituals, the worship, the offerings. But it took a personal tragedy as an adult to really bring her around to it. Elena's become a practitioner herself, showing great promise under the watchful eye of her family. To those in the know, the Dominguez household is a place to go to seek guidance, healing, and aid.

- Family First (Crime):
The other side to that coin is the lifestyle she was stepped in. Her father came to the US from Cuba as an adult, already a member of the Torres Cartel, one of a handful sent to establish a foothold for smuggling and money laundering. Elena has a great many 'aunts', 'uncles', and 'cousins' that have no true relation, but are family nonetheless. She may not have her fingers in any pies herself, but she knows people. People that are invested in her family and their well-being. People that can do or find things.. for the right price.

- Healing Hands (Medicine):
Elena is a Registered Nurse with a BSN, and a good 6 years experience in Emergency Response and Emergency Medicine. She did her rotations the same as everyone, of course, but the ER was where she went once it was time to hit the job market. Her skills are excellent, but what set her apart was the empathy she displayed to her patients, regardless of their current state, status, or background. Everyone was equal in the ER in that respect, the only priority given was to the level of emergency in the visit.

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Elena Dominguez
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Pronouns: She/Her
Apparent Age: Late 20s
Occupation: Nurse-to-Bartender
Concept: Healing Healer
Public Effects: Contacts (Medical Personnel, Smugglers, Fences) Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
Eidetic Memory Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
Fixer Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
Patient Dot-filled.png
Tolerance for Biology Dot-filled.png
Trained Observer Dot-filled.png
Languages: Spanish (Native)
Portugese (Language)
English (Language)
Standard Northern Mandarin (Multilingual)
Russian (Multilingual)

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Played By: User:Geniegirlly