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Eleanor Mei Brantley



"Matter is never without Spirit. Spirit is never without Matter.”
- Rudolf Steiner



Eleanor is a young woman in her mid-twenties, her hair is long and blond, often falling over the shoulders or in different kinds of styles, paired with brown eyes, she stands at around 5’ 7”, with a slim athletic form. Her fashion is always expensive and stylish. Mostly pants suit or dresses paired with heels.

 xxxxxRP Hooks
Hong Kong Movie Star
Eleanor made a bunch of movies since she was 16: Wuxia, Kung-Fu, Martial Arts and even hit gold with a Cultivation series. She is on hiatus since 2017 and fans really want her to come back. She teased some rumours about it lately. (Fame 1, Status A&S 1)

Some of her biggest movies are:
• Chopsticks and Dropkicks
• Temple of Dark Illumination
• One Night in Hong Kong
• Buddha Express
• World of Cultivation
• Dragon Sword
• Dragon Sword II – The magic of the Dragon Sword
Martial Artist
She is a well known Martial Artist, mainly the various styles of Shaolin Kung Fu. But she also is a practitioner of Aikidō. For her Martial Arts is not only combat, and health but also a spiritual way. Always willing to talk about philosophy with people.
Not American
Born and raised in Hong Kong, she has a very distinct HK English accent.
Oder of Hermes
Leader of an ancient, long-established order of psychics, mediums and those mortals who have crossed the line to the supernatural in some way. In recent years, the order's secrets, methods and aid have been opened to all. (MCI 5)
Jabtastic is a Gym in Long Island City. It has begun building a reputation for outstanding fight training and assessment. The Gym has a normal membership and a VIP membership for special guests. (Status Business 2)
Purple Ribbon 🎗
Eleanor is a cancer survivor. She was diagnosed in 2017. That is also the reason she took a break from being an Actress.
 Trismegistus Technologies
TMT is one of the biggest Biomedical and Engineering Advancements company with headquarters in NYC. They also have branches in other parts of the world. Eleanore was a long time CO of that company. But she retired in late March. And is now just Shareholder. (Status Business 2)
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Nicknames: Elli, Mei
Date of Birth: March 15rd, 1996
Sign: 🐀
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 121
Nationality: Hong Kongnese
Occupation: Actress
Owner of Jabtastic
Played By: Anya-Taylor Joy
Public Effectsxxxxx 

Languages: Chinese (Cantonese)

Unearthly Beauty
Fame: Hong Kong Movie Actress ●
Status: Arts & Society ●
Business ● ●
Resources: ● ● ● ● ●
Supernat. Resistance: ● ● ●
Trained Observer:

Order of Hermes ☤ MCI: ● ● ● ● ●

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