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Eileen Cavanaugh

The Masquerade:

Pronouns:  She/Her
Real Age:  64
Apparent Age:  27
Height:  5ft 7in
Weight:  139lbs
Build:  Willowy
Concept:  Irish Rebel in Exile
Profession:  Mercenary
Public Effects:  Status (Carthian Movement): ••
 Status (Lancea et Sanctum): •
 Status (City): •
 Blood Potency: ••

The Danse Macabre:

Clan:  Daeva
Bloodline:  None
Covenant:  Carthian Movement
Position:  None
Coterie:  Apostles of Sin
Mask:  Penitent
Dirge:  Masochist
  Mystery Cult:  None

“There is nothing so bad that it couldn't be worse.”
— Irish Proverb


Eileen grew up amidst relentless conflict in Northern Ireland, the violence of the Troubles escalating towards its bloodied peak. She joined the Republican insurgents in her late teens, fighting for country and faith and rightful retribution passed down over generations. The cause eventually claimed her life, her body riddled with bullets and the gutters of Belfast painted red with her lifeblood. Yet through some fateful twist of luck, the night offered her a second chance. It did not take long before she crossed the Atlantic, arriving in Boston alongside her Sire. She remained there until the rumours of Prince Mab's efforts to retake New York began circulating. Spurred by ambition, she made her way to that once-illustrious city, both eager and hopeful to make a name for herself.

Eileen is easily recognized by the fiery hair that tumbles freely past her shoulders, a mass of long, autumn-red curls dipping and stretching just past the curve of her waistline. Her eyes are bright blue and her complexion pale, further embodying the stereotypes of her Gaelic heritage.

Roleplaying Hooks

Soldier Of Fortune (anyone):

Irish insurgent. Carthian troublemaker. Mercenary for hire. Violence has been a constant companion in Eileen's life; it is the solution to her problems, the answer to her prayers, and penance to her sins. She has made herself a career as a soldier-for-hire in the All Night Society -- at a premium price, of course -- though on occasion she has been known to take on assignments from outside as well.

Good Catholic Girl... Sort Of (anyone):

Church and faith have always been a solace to Eileen, soothing balms to her troubled soul. In life, she was raised a devout Catholic, and now in death, the teachings of Longinus resonate with her. In fact, the matters of the soul are so important to her, so ingrained in her, that she has expressed heartfelt sympathies for the Lancea et Sanctum despite being an official member of the Movement. Perhaps there is hope of salvation even for God's monsters?

Arming The Mind (anyone):

No weapon is as dangerous as the mind, nor no feral beast capable of matching the savagery of the human brain. Indeed, Eileen cosiders an ignorant mind is as useless to the visionary as a warped blade is to the warrior. She strives to acquire new knowledge, to expand her understanding both of matters mundane and Kindred lore: history, philosophy, theology, chemistry, occultism, politics, et cetera, et cetera.


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