Edwin Westly

From Dark City

Edwin Westly
BirthdateMarch 15, 1685
EyesHazel/Greenish eyes
HairBrown curls
OccupationMoney Lender
ConceptSickly Pledgemaster
Played ByHarry Styles
Player NameHexualSealing
CourtThe Tides
Local GroupsWestly & Co. Lending House
StatusActive PC


The Mask:
Edwin stands barely 5 feet tall and is of poor-health. Do not think the man is easily intimidated however, for where his body fails him, his mind does not. He has brown curls atop his head, hazel-green eyes, attractive features despite his fragility - but a stern demeanor that isn't sending people scrambling for a match with their daughter. He is well spoken and seems well educated, but there is a slight Birmingham accent rounding out the edges of his voice. He sports small gold-rimmed glasses that he often glares up at people over.

The Mien:
A small creature a good foot shorter made of brittle parchment paper covered in ink scrawl, and gold chain links still hooked in places, indicating one small tug would cause a tear. The paper is crumpled in places and any past attempts to smooth it out could never ensure it was quite the same again. His hair is made of soft curled yarn and his eyes have a golden sheen to them.

Public Effects:
Small-Framed, Eidetic Memory, Common Sense, Wits 4, Court Goodwill 1 (Skies, Storms, Depths)


There is inherent conflict with someone being both 'by the book' and 'morally flexible', but somehow Edwin manages just fine when the book is one he's likely written himself. Described as a "cunning wee cunt" as a term of (somewhat) endearment in the port town he's resided in for a few years now, Edwin Westly has a personality people only endure thanks to the amount of money he possesses, and doing a lot of heavy lifting that he has a life still being lived - at least in the mortal world. Dry, blunt, pedantic, and sentences punctuated with some kind of withering sigh or a flick up of his eyes over gold-rimmed glasses, it's a wonder he has any friends at all. 'Useful' is the term he'd describe himself, and that is frustratingly true in many cases. Edwin doesn't talk much about himself outside of business transactions. Those in the small know are aware that the boy crafted of paper was crushed somewhere along the way out of Arcadia, in turn ensuring the crumpled and brittle appearance underneath of his Mien of parchment paper and ink.

RP Hooks

Large Coffers - There is no mistaking that Mr. Westly is in possession of a large fortune. He can be easily convinced for small loans or even gifts of amounts that are almost trivial to him, and runs the local Lending House for bigger negotiations should one require it. In addition, other Lost are not obliged to repay the money, instead Mr Westly asks for favours or other services in return.

A Boy Made of Paper and String - Edwin's constitution is okay at best. He is prone to sea-sickness, tires easily and a stiff sea breeze would likely knock him on his feet. He is of poor health generally, and can rarely go anywhere by himself given any attempts to rob him (not that he keeps his fortune on him) or otherwise kidnap him would be highly successful. Mortals speculate on poor Mr Westly having Consumption, while the Lost can see that Edwin suffered horribly on his way out through the Hedge. Perhaps you take pity on the man and his health, or find him needing some kind of assistance?

A Soft Spot For Escapees - Under his Mask, Edwin's Mien still sports evidence of chains, hooked into his paper flesh that won't come out without tearing at him entirely - something his fragile body couldn't possible survive as if by design. It is in part because of that he has no sympathy for those who would hold people captive, and will be generous to those feeling like they have no freedom. For all that Mr Westly seems like a cold, indecent man, he can be incredibly decent when it calls for it.

Well Educated - With formal education under his belt and a constant desire to engage his mind, Mr Westly is perfect to ask to read things for you - or better yet, teach you how to read.


Chosen Family:
Gideon Grey - Owed the stars and heavens he was forced to have etched on his body.
Bonny Bell - Eccentric to the point of endearing, and a silent savior to many.
Elias Crowe - Being in everyone's business would make one wary, but there are few I personally trust more.
Zeke Henwood - The most expensive friend I have ever kept, but worth every penny more often than not.



Title Date Location Cast Summary
The Bounty Of The Sea 2024-07-15 Bonny Bell, Edwin Westly, Gideon Grey Bonny and Gideon manage to get Edwin to loosen up while Edwin tricks Bonny into thinking about economics
A series of visits upon Mister Westly 2024-07-17 Westly & Co. Lending House Edwin Westly, Selena Solis, Jessica Fox, Camille Rossi One customer turns into several more for poor Edwin
Sunshine Is Good For You, Edwin 2024-07-18 Bayview Garden Camille Rossi, Edwin Westly, Jessica Fox Edwin is caught relaxing for once by the couple definitely not from the future