Eddie Jenkins

From Dark City

Theodore 'Eddie' Jenkins
OccupationManager of Jenkins Guns and Tackle
ConceptSurvival Trainer
Played ByTravis Willingham
Player NameNbdyhome
StatusActive PC


Standing well over 6 feet tall, Eddie is built like a wall. He has an intimidating presence about him until he smiles and diffuses the situation.


Eddie has been in Jericho his entire life, usually hanging out at the Gun Shop his family has owned and operated for over 80 years. Staying in town, working at the store from the time he was trusted with running the register. Now, managing the store, his black sheep of a brother Randy working as a clerk after he left town and came back with more baggage than he left with. Eddie was always the responsible one, standing up to bullies in high school and overall standing up for the little guy even now. A few years back, Eddie was taking a group of middle schoolers on a survival training weekend, when according to all accounts, he fought off a bear to protect the kids.

RP Hooks

Teaching to Survive- Periodically, the store sponsors survival training classes. A week in the woods with minimal gear to teach people how to not die in the woods ands swamplands in the surrounding areas.

The Guy With the Guns- If you need anything that goes 'BANG' that's reliable and will do what it's supposed to, Eddie is the guy who can get it for you, he even has the tools and know how on modifying a gun.

That Wasn't Really a Bear- (HUNTER) Those claws that almost gutted him on that camping trip were something much nastier than a bear.

Friendly Face About Town- Eddie was raised to be polite and helpful and will lend a hand when asked. He'll help bring in groceries and he even stops by the Schooner at Last Call to give folks a ride home if they're too gone to drive.