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" The dog is barking; the caravan moves on. Now beat it. "

A rough-carved, muscular man with a carnivorous smile and defying eyes. Dvorak claims he rode with the Oprichniki in the 16th century, in drunken hazes he asserted that he was the leader of the Zaporozhian Host; He affirmed that he was powerful, rich, and successful before his Other took that life away, but then again, Dvorak claim many things.

Whatever glorious life he may have led, Dragan is now confined in between jobs, before settling as a coroner for the local hospital, but is always eager to be a protective wall of flesh for anyone paying the right price. The briming heat of his wrath has a smell to it, not quite blood - not quite nicotine - and not quite like dried charcoals. Recently, the smell of liquor has joined into that heady, black musk.


A strange scent cling onto the red flesh of the giant, hulking creature. Its face not a dog, not a wolf, it's something that doesn't exist any longer. An uncanny sense follows the real appearance of Dvorak, there was something wrong about it existing at all by design even by standards of Others. Was it the cracking of his flesh? Or could it be the bleeding shadow, touching and grasping everything around it? The signs of battle show itself in the Red Devil; his flesh and his impossibly strong grip tells a story, one that didn't seem to say if he had ever lost a fight.

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RP Hooks
Alcoholic - Dvorak loves to drink, be it on the job, or in the middle of handling a corpse. Curiously, the brute never seems to be drunk, he frequents bars all around New York, searching for the next intoxicating drink that would give him some pleasure and share it with someone; if it leads to a drunken brawl, all the better for him.

Heavily Scarred - Something from Arcadia had claimed the bonfire in his heart, all that's left is charcoals after a snowstorm. The scars, say Dvorak, was a gift he intends on giving back to the donor. People whose body was marked by struggle finds Dvorak warming up closer to them than the disdain he often give people.

For Hire - Dragan enjoys being the looming rage in front of someone who needs his protection and does not hide this desire. For almost any price, the brute will take on any request of protection, no matter from what as long as the client doesn't mind him getting drunk on the job.

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Dragan Dvorak

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Name: Dragan Dvorak

Apparent Age: 34

Height: 7'4"

Occupation Coroner

Seeming Ogre

Kith Gristlegrinder

Mantle Summer

Effects Air of Menace

Summer Mantle(2)


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