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"Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always gotten there first, and is waiting for it.”
- Terry Prachet



Huey affects a tall, lean physique that sometimes draws second glances. Though his expression is measured, he has a faint but palpable smirk often and an undeniably present air of confidence and aloofness. Most things about his appearance are quite meticulous and organized, from the way his pants crease to the length of his shoe laces. He's in fairly good shape beneath his layers, sporting a built frame to match his cavalier stride.

 xxxxxRP Hooks
Dr. Bāo acts as the principle researcher of the MAGNUS group within Columbia University's physics department. While he does spend a healthy amount of time on his own projects and research, it isn't to the exclusion or neglect of his students, who he is generally well regarded by. He originally performed the majority of his post graduate work at Columbia University working on the ATLAS, VERITAS and XENON projects before becoming a full time staff member and settling in permanently. His current aim appears to be tenure. (Contacts, Staff, Status: Education)

Far Traveler
Born and raised in Dalian, Yushan traveled frequently in his youth, sometimes throughout China, and at other points internationally, including to America. While traveling with his parents to America on one particular summer many years ago, he was caught up in what nearly became an international incident surrounding a camp focused on math and science. While he survived the harrowing incident, it did curtail his visits to America until he recently settled in New York City years ago.
Order of Hermes
Yushan has some history with the Order even prior to arriving in New York City, being born into a family within the Asian branch and having had visits to Europe and the Americas often in his youth following his parents on Order business. Even after reaching adulthood he would travel often while sporadically connecting with Order members; he has kept up with some of them even after settling in New York. Although he's not front and center within its structure here, he doesn't keep much contact with those outside of it either. Taking his time with building resources and learning more of it in the meantime, Yushan appears rather content with the NYC chapter. (MCI: Order of Hermes)
Lean & Green
Dr. Bāo is a quiet donor and activist within American politics, advocating for green initiatives and technocratic leadership across all sectors. He is also a more outspoken supporter of Raj Chetty's work on economic mobility and its implications for overall fiscal policy. This, his research at Columbia, and some of his consultation work for certain engineering projects has earned him many friends across the science and technology sector over the years. (Status: Education, Allies: Tech Sector)
 Quantum Analytics
Dr. Bāo is also a decorated scientist within the field of theoretical physics and abstract mathematics, earning some recognition when his academic career began at Southern University in Shenzhen during his mid teenage years. Yushan went on to earn various awards and accolades both in the US and China before settling at Columbia University as a researcher and professor. (Fame: Physicist)




Nicknames: Huey
Height: 5’11”
Weight: Average
Nationality: Chinese
Occupation: Theoretical Physicist
University Professor
Played By: Ian Chang
User: TheOddOne
Public Effectsxxxxx 

Languages: Cantonese

Interdisciplinary Specialty: Precise Timing
Fame: Award Winning Physicist
Status: Education, Government
Allies: Science & Technology Sector
Contacts: City Planners
Resources: ● ● ● ● ●

Mystery Cult Initiation: Order of Hermes ☤



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