Douglas Roth

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Court-winter.png “It's not my problem you asked for what you cannot afford.”Seeming-ogre.png
Within the Court of Winter, Douglas has helped everyone. His connections across the city know no bounds and he has an inside scoop on nearly every bit of news. Among the Freehold he holds the title of Golden Dewdrop, making sure that tracks are covered, evidence is erased, and bodies go missing forever. Often seen working in tandem with Bernard Laskowski.
RP Hooks
  • ICY HAND - It's through Winter's generosity that so many of the newly freed Lost ever get off their feet. Though this is offered with no strings attached for a time, it is Roth who assures those who have overstayed their welcome know exactly where they stand: in debt.
  • TROLL - Which gentry Roth came from is unknown, but the telltale tropes of a troll guarding his bridge are evident. When he does meet, its always in liminal spaces. A bridge, an empty ferry terminal, an abandoned mall, a closed down doctor's office. How he has access to all of these places is anyone's guess.
  • ON THE MENU - All sorts of requests come through to the Winter Ogre and he's yet to disappoint. New IDs, information on the Loyalists passing through, a job to help you seamlessly fit into the Ironside society, a car for a night. He deals in information and can always tell when you're lying.
  • SONNET - Word has it, the Ogre has a soft spot for poetry and those who know their authors are given a bit of slack.
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Douglas Roth (NPC)
Pronouns: He/Him
Apparent Age: 40's
Occupation: Resource Management
Public Effects: Cold Hearted
Air of Menace
Closed Book 5
Mantle 4
Striking Looks 2 (Horrifying)

Seeming: Ogre
Kith: Liminal
Court: Winter
Title: Golden Dewdrop, Provider (Winter)


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