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Dorian Aria is the sort of man that one might describe as timeless. Just enough proof of age to look experienced, but with enough youth left to seem fun and lively at a moment's notice. Tall, but not overly so. Neither skinny not muscular. Hair silvered but still with some pigment to it. It's as if someone took an approximation of many tastes to make someone through an AI. The one thing that stands out in particular about him is his melodic voice that seems to have a near impossible range.


To the eyes of the Lost and those gifted with the sight, the man is a finely tuned instrument of sculpted metal. At the base of his slightly too long throat is a series of strings that seem to pluck themselves as he speaks or sings. The f-holes along his abdomen become truly pronounced and his laughter can often be heard echoing all the way through them. Musical notes scroll themselves here and there in momentary reflections of light against the gold and silver of his form.


Dorian's mantle is a subtle thing. Quiet somber notes drifting through the air. The faintest chill can be felt as if someone just touched a cold surface.

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RP Hooks
Love Songs (Anyone) - It's no secret that Dorian is the type to wine and dine nearly anyone. These charming displays of passion quickly ramp up in intensity until the sudden fickle end of the relationship by the Lost, usually leaving a mess in his wake. Perhaps he's the reason your friend called you at 11 pm sobbing and drunk. Maybe he's your own mistake. No hard feelings, eh?

Karaoke Hero (Anyone) - With the kind of singing chops that he brings to the mic, one would expect him to be hitting bigger venues than dingy open mic nights and karaoke bars, yet there you will find him. He's an avid attendant and more than happy for a duet.

Canon Overture (Anyone) - Gun nut is one way of putting it. The Nightsinger loves guns of all stripes, but has a certain fondness for handguns that has him often hanging around gun ranges.

Haunting Melody (Changeling) - One of The Black Arcana, Dorian was a participant in the silent war from the bidding of the King of Cups. Settling somewhat quickly into the Winter Court has given him time to get some pieces of his life together and join the search for the Queen of Swords.

Jailhouse Blues (Crime) - Guilty by association is more than an idle phrase in some cases. Without any affiliation himself, it seems that Dorian has been keeping the company of a known member of the Triad. One foot in the door into the criminal underbelly of NYC means it is so much easier to get him to go along with your heists and schemes.

Grand Finale (Medical) - For a seemingly healthy individual, Dorian spends an inordinate time in hospitals. His own chart is filled with enough compulsory testing to scream hypochondriac. All that time there seems to lead to him spending even more time with the other patients, particularly those without close family and friends or those on their death bed.

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Let none suffer in silence. Speak your mind.

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Dorian Aria
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BUILD: Fit as a fiddle
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: F-hole tattoos on stomach
LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English, Italian, Mandarin
CONCEPT: Breaker of Hearts
SEEMING: Elemental
KITH: Nightsinger
COURT: Winter
KEEPER: The Oracle
MINOR ARCANA: Knight of Cups
  • Court Goodwill: Spring Dot-filled.png
  • Mantle: Winter Dot-filled.png
  • Status: Arts, Media, & Society Dot-filled.png Dot-filled.png
  • Striking Looks: Intense, Thoughtful Dot-filled.png Dot-filled.png

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Played By: Nicklaus