From Dark City
The Diviners are the Loyal Servants of The Oracle. Once the Changelings of the deck, these fae died during a reading and were brought back outside the Arcana. Without faces, unable to speak, their previous identities are erased as are their memories of their former selves. Stories of lost loved ones turning into Diviners are common, though finding them again once they’ve changed forms is impossible. It makes their hunt for the escaped Changelings all the more heart-breaking. Ironside, Diviners are androgynous and silent soldiers acting on Loyalist orders from the Major Arcana. As of late, their numbers alone make up more than half of the Gentry in the Ironside hunt. Because of these new dangers, the Black Arcana are despised by some and empathized by others, creating a split diplomacy among the courts.
RP Hooks
  • BLACK ARCANA It would seem the Diviners are always a step ahead of the escaped Lost. Members of the Black Arcana are terrified of facing these Hunters, afraid not only that they'll get taken back to Dromvier, but that they'll be changed into a Diviner themselves, losing all sense of identity and freedom. Members of the escaped minor arcana are more willing to die in a battle for their freedom than risk being captured alive. Likewise, loyalties to other Lost typically dissolve when the Diviners step in.
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Pronouns: They/Them
Apparent Age: Unknown
Occupation: Servants, Loyalists, Hunters
Public Effects: Air of Menace

Seeming: Ogre or Darkling
Kith: Hunterheart or Helldiver